Long overdue health and safety inspections lead to closure of over twenty percent of Illinois abortuaries.

An increased scrutiny of Illinois abortion clinics in the wake of revelations about a “house of horrors” in Philadelphia revealed that some facilities had gone up to 15 years without inspections, and two now have closed after regulators found health and safety violations.

The renewed oversight by state regulators led to the permanent closure of a clinic in Rockford earlier this month, following the closing of a clinic in suburban Chicago last October, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

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Editor’s note: The State refers to these abominations as “Termination Centers.” Isn’t that special!

Surprise, surprise! – Illinois House “pulls” bill containing new abortion regulations.

The bill would have required clinics that provide abortions to meet the same standards that apply to hospital facilities that perform outpatient procedures.

Republican Rep. Darlene Senger said her bill was simply meant to ensure abortion clinics are safe. But opponents claimed the goal was to burden abortion clinics with unnecessary regulation…..AP

It was three votes short of the 60 votes needed for passage when the sponsor pulled the bill. Sorry to be spending so much time on this issue lately, but our lawmakers remain fixated.

Source: AP … and the hopelessly biased Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

Alliance for Life Challenges Muslims to Join the Pro Life Movement

Alliance for Life Challenges Muslims to Join the Pro-Life Movement

May 5, 2008

Alliance for Life, a pro-life organization that was recently founded to help coordinate all of the various pro life “assets” available to the movement, today issued a challenge to faithful Muslims in the United States to join with other like-minded pro life citizens, standing shoulder to shoulder in peaceful solidarity with them, picketing local abortuaries around the country, as equal partners in one of the most important human rights struggles the world has ever known.

Whether one knows God as Father, Yahweh, Jesus, or Allah, makes little difference when the innocent blood of defenseless infants is being routinely shed on a daily basis, across the United States, and around the world.

A series of speaking engagements is currently being scheduled at Churches and Mosques throughout the midwest.

For more information on this new pro life, pro family, interfaith initiative, or to schedule a speaking appearance, please contact Doug Lawrence.

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