How the State of Illinois and pro-homosexual, pro-abortion Governor Pat Quinn ran ‘roughshod’ over Catholic Charities.

Attorney Peter Breen, with the Thomas More Society, talked about how the Illinois government ran “roughshod” over the faith-based charity, ignoring legislated provisions for religious liberties, on CBN News Channel Morning News, Nov. 17.

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Catholic Charities of Illinois drops appeal, exits adoption service arena

“The silver lining of this decision is that our Catholic Charities going forward will be able to focus on being more Catholic and more charitable, while less dependent on government funding and less encumbered by intrusive state policies.”

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Proposed New Women’s Choice Bill of Rights from the Catholic Church


Proposed New Women’s Choice Bill of Rights from the Catholic Church

 Any woman who decides to carry her child to term, rather than abort, will for the duration of the pregnancy, be provided with free medical care from any Catholic hospital, according to her personal financial situation and needs, along with necessary financial support to see her through her pregnancy, as well as professional counseling and assistance, for her personal and spiritual needs.

 The local parish (or other designated local women’s assistance organizations) will act as the woman’s advocate in these cases, with the woman’s physical and mental health, the child’s right to life, and the welfare of both, as the primary concerns.

 The woman will eventually need to decide whether to keep the baby or give the child up for adoption.

 If the choice is adoption, the Catholic Church will handle all the details, and pick up all the associated costs.

 If the woman chooses to keep the baby, the Church will provide continued assistance as available, and will stand ready to accept the child for adoption for a period of up to twenty four months after the birth.

 In either case, the Catholic Church will provide free medical care to the mother and child for a period of 33 months from the date of conception.

 The costs of this care are to be offset by insurance, and by any local, state, or federal benefits which might be available.

 The revenue necessary for this program will be derived from donations, from grants, from existing government programs, from a special Women’s Choice Health Insurance Fund, and from reallocation of existing resources, within the Catholic Church.

Submitted for your consideration this May 13, 2009

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!