Four ways the devil “makes” you do it


One of the key elements in any contest is to understand the tactics of your opponent and to recognize the subtleties of the strategy or moves they may employ. In the spiritual battle of life we need to develop some sophistication in recognizing, naming, and understanding the subtleties of common tactics of the Devil.

A 2011 book by Fr. Louis Cameli, The Devil You Don’t Know is of great assistance in this matter. Having read it recently, I think it would be of value to reflect on four broad categories of the Devil’s tactics that Fr. Cameli analyzes.

While the four categories are Fr. Cameli’s, the reflections here are largely my own, but surely rooted in Fr. Cameli’s excellent work, so recently read by me. I recommend the work highly to you where these categories are aptly and fully described more than my brief reflection here can do.

And thus we examine four common tactics of the devil

How did Satan go from being the adversary-fulfilling a vital function, to being the big Bad?

Q: How did Satan go from being the adversary – fulfilling a vital function, to being the big Bad?

A: Perhaps you failed to notice …

About 2000 years ago … Satan … the prince of this world, at the time … used his willing minions … the Jews and the Romans … to take the life of the innocent and sinless Jesus, who is the only begotten Son of God.

Nobody … not even the devil … has the right to take the life of a sinless man … let alone the only Son of God.

That ought to do it … by ANY standard!