Alan Keyes: Nothing Sarah Palin has said or done supports the view that she is pro-life as a matter of justice, law and public policy.

Sarah Palin’s statements and actions are rationally inconsistent with the moral logic of unalienable right which, if true, binds all levels of government and all US public officials to the goal of securing the unalienable rights with which God has endowed our humanity. If we accept her as a pro-life leader we abandon the rational moral basis for the pro-life position. I cannot do this without betraying the principles of liberty, and the will of the Creator God whose authority establishes them as the basis for human justice.

Your rhetoric simply fails to address the facts and reasoning I present. It amounts to saying that she is personally against abortion (about which I have no doubt). But many pro-“abortion rights” politicians say that. The issue before the nation is about law and justice, not personal conviction. Nothing Sarah Palin has said or done supports the view that she is pro-life as a matter of justice, law and public policy. So far as I can tell, she is just a pro-choice politician who turned a laudable personal choice into a seductive, but false pro-life public image. All the choices and statements she has made in her public capacity support this conclusion. If I’m wrong, show me the facts and statements that indicate something beyond the “I’m personally pro-life” position so common among the so-called “pro-choice” promoters of “abortion rights”.

Unless Sarah Palin fundamentally alters the views she has enunciated and acted on up to now, I predict that she will disappoint the hope so many sincerely pro-life people are mistakenly investing in her supposed pro-life stand.  I am sure I will pay a price for saying now what others will only realize when it may be too late. I was excoriated starting in 2004 for calling Obama a hard line Marxist bent on destroying America.  That view is not at all so contemned today as it was when facts and reasoning first convinced me of its truth.  Similarly on account of facts and reasoning I and others insist that Obama cease to withhold evidence bearing on whether or not he satisfies the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Office of President of the United States.  For this we are vilified and ridiculed, though many of our fellow Americans now join in this demand.

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One family’s account of last weekend’s Notre Dame protest


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Come to South Bend’s Notre Dame and get arrested for pro-life


Dr. Alan Keyes and 24 others arrested at Notre Dame for peaceful witness for Life:

Keyes Calls on pro-lifers nationwide to join him as he gets arrested again.

You Have an Opportunity to Make History


Hello Pro-Life Friend:

Every so often, there are historic social battles that are referred to for years – sometimes for generations. This is one of those moments to make history.

In that light, I BEG YOU in the name of Jesus Christ to read this entire letter, and pray about your role in the historic “Battle for Notre Dame.” There are several ways you can be a part of making history – not just watching it unfold. So I beg you again in Christ’s name: read this entire letter. It is unlike anything you have read before.

Call #1: Come and Join Us – In Jail

Dr. Alan Keyes, a true American Hero, issues this call:

“…I will go to South Bend. I will step foot on the Notre Dame campus [AGAIN!] to lift up the standard that protects the life of the innocent children of this and every generation. If this be trespass, then forgive us our trespasses and join us in trespassing until the South Bend jail is filled to overflowing with witnesses to truth; filled beyond capacity; filled until we break the most onerous shackles of all- the ones that bind the heart and mind to evil and our nation to the path of its destruction.”

As you may know, Dr. Alan Keyes, myself, and 23 other pro-life Christians have already been arrested for walking quietly and prayerfully on Notre Dame’s campus.

Our crime? We walked, prayed, and pushed baby carriages that held a baby doll…sprinkled with “stage blood.” The strollers had signs or stickers citing Obama’s direct involvement in killing the innocent in America and around the world.

Notre Dame called the police, arrested us, and put us in jail. (Everyone has been bailed out, thank God!)

Our quiet witness is making the news all over the country. It was done to prove a point: that Notre Dame – supposedly a Christian university, pledged to defend the lives of the innocent – is honoring someone who slays the innocent!

But we are not done fighting – we are raising the stakes: we are looking for 100 brave souls to join us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 15-17) – the weekend of Obama’s speech – to join us in walking and praying on the campus again – holding signs, or pushing carriages. We have about 30 committed to go so far.

(And by the way, if you get arrested, the charge will be “trespass.” You will NOT face a felony; you will NOT lose your right to vote, etc. This is the type of “civil disobedience” that was practiced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, and other American Heroes. If you have a “record,” you will be in great company!)

(Click here to help with bail costs, and other expenses.)

Dr. Keyes is calling on pro-lifers to join him…in jail.

Will you be among those who make history?

If 100 brave souls hear the call of God’s Spirit in their hearts to come and sacrifice their freedom for a few hours or a few days this weekend…it is historic. If 100 stouthearted Christians stand against this treachery with the witness of going to jail, it will be a historic landmark in the battle to end child-killing.


And you can have the privilege of being arrested with Dr. Keyes in this Life and Death struggle – one that may well be in history books in the future.


Surely the witness of jail is not too radical! Think of Peter and Paul. Or, in modern times, think of Martin Luther King, or Susan B. Anthony. If we celebrate Dr. King’s holiday, we are showing our support for peaceful witness against evil – even if it means getting arrested.


The Notre Dame/Obama harlotry is so vile and corrupt that the depth of the evil cannot be overstated. That being true, praying and witnessing, (and going to jail for it!) is a powerful witness to decry this evil, and defend the honor of the babies, the Church, “Our Lady,” and Christ Himself.


In that light, I beg you to come to “the battle of Notre Dame.” Come and be arrested with Dr. Alan Keyes this weekend. (Dr. Keyes intends to go back on campus Friday; others will go Saturday and Sunday. Come on whatever day is most convenient.)


We can provide temporary and free housing for you over the weekend if you need it…that is, until the St. Joseph County Jail is your temporary residence. You must bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. (This is “indoor camping.”)

Call #2: Preach to Obama When He Arrives


If you are unsure about going to jail, join us this weekend at the entrances where the Obama motorcade will enter Notre Dame.

We need hundreds and thousands of men and women to peacefully, patiently hold signs around Notre Dame, so that as President Obama arrives, he will see and hear the truth.

In this way we will rebuke Obama – like John the Baptist rebuked Herod – for his defiance of the laws of God, and his slaughter of the innocents around the world.

This will be an international news story. Because of those sitting in jail, and the masses standing vigil at Notre Dame, this will get international coverage. (National media are already running stories on this; the coverage will be huge this weekend.)

Let America see – let the WORLD see – that there is still a remnant of the Church Militant that is prepared to stand and fight for Truth, Justice, and Life itself. Let them see that there are THOUSANDS who oppose Obama’s agenda of death.

(Click here to help with the costs of signs and banners.)

Call #3: Hold a Solidarity Rally in Your Community

If you cannot come, hold a peaceful rally and press conference in your community on Friday or Saturday, at 12:00 Noon, in solidarity with our efforts.

We are looking for 100 courageous Christians in 100 communities across America to stand for one hour at their local Cathedral, or City Hall, decrying this outrage with us.

Our purpose for this is to get more and more press coverage that tars Obama with the blood of the innocent that are dying under his policies.

If you have never done something like this – DO NOT FEAR! Go to our website, and click on “Marching Orders.” It gives you step by step instructions on how to hold a demonstration, and how to contact the media. If you follow the instructions we give, you will get media coverage. Go to and click on Marching orders.

If you will do this, contact us immediately, and we will put your city, time, location, etc. on our web site, to show the growing number of cities that are standing against this evil.

(Click here to contribute to our media and web costs.)

Call #4: If You Can’t Go to Jail, Help Pay the Bail

Friend, we have already spent thousands on bail for those who have been arrested.

In addition, we have spent tens of thousands on other aspects of this battle. (Press releases, printing, postage, banners, transportation, lodging, food, office expenses, utilities, and more. And none of our staff – myself included – are getting paid for this.)

We need your help financially. If you can give $100, do it now. If you can give $1,000, we will use every penny in this historic battle. Again, none of the staff are getting paid. This is a labor of love for God, the Babies, and the Truth.

Please give something – anything – to show your solidarity with this momentous effort. (Contributions are not tax-deductible – for obvious reasons!)

Here’s a Recap of the Four Calls

1: Come and Join Us – In Jail

2: Come and Preach to Obama When He Arrives

3: Hold a Solidarity Rally in Your Community

4: If You Can’t Go to Jail, Help Pay the Bail

I beg you – with all my heart – to take time now, and pray.

Ask God what He would have you to do at this historic moment. Ask Him in sincerity, telling Him: “I will do whatever you ask.”

Go to: to watch a video of Dr. Keyes and Myself, calling people to come to Notre Dame. And you can see a “testimony video” of some of the men and women who have already been arrested. Listen to their words; feel their heart!

Please do what you can in this critical battle.

Join us here. Hold a rally in your town. Give as large a gift as you can. Forward this to a friend. And please, pray for us with all your heart.

Randall Terry

Founder, Operation Rescue

P.S. I often think of the men and women – alive right now – who could have stood with Dr. King in his great battles, but instead sat on the sideline and watched. I bet that NOW they wish they had stood with him in battle. You are in such a moment of time. You have a chance to make history, not just watch it. Please, join us in any way you can. We are not just fighting for the babies; we are fighting for the survival of our country.

Go to for all the ways you can be involved.

Give online, or send a gift (not tax deductible) to: Stop Obama Notre Dame, PO Box 902, South Bend Indiana, 46624