Today’s Question: How do you know what God’s answer is when you ask him a question?

Question: How do you know what God’s answer is when you ask him a question?

Answer: You wait and watch, while you continue in prayer and thanksgiving, believing that you will receive.

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Interesting answers to common pro-life “gotcha” questions.

There are several such questions with which to respond when asked why one does not support abortion in the case of a pregnancy resulting from rape.  For example, almost certainly the person urging a rape exception does not really believe in the exception.  As Adams also points out, “[i]n order for there to be an exception to a rule banning abortions, there has to be a rule banning abortions. That much is obvious. It is also obvious that pro-choicers do not merely want abortion to be available in cases of rape. They want it available in all cases.”

Thus, one should ask them: if I agree to the rape exception, would you then agree to ban abortion in all other cases?  Also point out that there are literally thousands of people alive today who were born as a result of a rape.  (A good idea would be to name a specific example.)  Ask if it would be acceptable to kill that person because of the circumstances of his or her conception.

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George Weigel on the somewhat controversial John Paul II Beatification

(George Weigel was Pope John Paul II’s personal biographer.)

Responding to the skeptics and critics

1. Has the beatification of John Paul II been a rush job, as some have charged?

No one said that the beatification of Mother Teresa was rushed, despite the calumnies against her work and reputation promoted by Christopher Hitchens. This process hasn’t been “rushed” either. The only procedural exception Pope Benedict XVI made was the same exception John Paul II made for Mother Teresa: He allowed the investigation to begin without the normal five-year waiting period.

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Site provides advice and refuge for those choosing to leave Islam.

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Book Selection: Divorce, annulments, and the Catholic Church

By Matt C. Abbott

The following are excerpts from the book Annulments and the Catholic Church: Straight Answers to Tough Questions, authored by canon and civil lawyer Edward Peters. The book is written mostly in question-and-answer format, with 100 questions on the topic of Church annulments being answered by Dr. Peters. Thanks to Matthew Pinto and Mike Flickinger of Ascension Press for allowing me to reprint this material.

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12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able to Answer


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A Post from Bob Stanley of “The Catholic Treasure Chest” on Liberalism

A post from Bob Stanley of “The Catholic Treasure Chest” on Liberalism

Bob routinely sends me lots of interesting Catholic stuff by email.

He wrote: “I found this on Catholic Answers.”

“Liberalism: A mental disorder wherein the illogical
becomes completely logical, with no lasting effect on the conscience.”

I wrote back:

“If only it were so simple.”
Here’s a link to an article on “OurLadysWarriors.Org” that provides a pretty complete overview of the matter, from a Catholic perspective:
Happy Pentecost!
A while back, Bob also sent me the interesting photo that you see above.