An Open Letter of Apology to the Gay Community (From A Christian)


I’m seeing quite a few open letters of apology from Christians to the gay community in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. At first, I was angry. “What are we apologizing for again?!?,” I thought. As a conservative Christian, I was annoyed. It seemed – at first – to be capitulation on a very important issue. After reading more than a few of these open letters of apology, however, my heart has softened on the issue. I realize that conservative Christians like myself are in the clear minority. The Supreme Court has ruled. Other churches, like the Episcopalians just yesterday, have found it in their heart to soften from their historic, traditional opinions. And as much as religious people love the past, I’ve had to come to grips with the reality that this – gay marriage – is our present and no doubt, our future.

There comes that moment – even for Christians steeped in conservative traditions – to recognize when the times have changed…and the times have changed. Taking a cue from other Christians who find a sense of closure in writing an open letter of apology to the gay community, I will follow suit and apologize for several things on behalf of not just myself, but my fellow Christians.

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Seen on the web: Today’s political definition of the word “apology”

From The Alinsky New Leftist Dictionary:

noun, plural a-pol-o-gies

1. What you do when you are caught doing something criminal, and seek to placate weak opposition leaders and a corrupt press, so as to be able to continue in your criminal behavior without interruption.


Stolen relics returned – with apology.

STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo. (KSDK) – Relics stolen from a Ste. Genevieve church have been returned.

Angie Shelton, Community Relations Specialist for the Archdisocese of St. Louis, says a parishioner called Father Dennis Schmidt to the back of Ste. Genevieve Catholic Church during an early morning mass and pointed out a clear plastic bag containing the nine missing relics.

Shelton says there was a note with the items addressed to the priest and people of Ste. Genevieve saying they felt remorse for taking the items and asked for forgiveness.


Doug Lawrence apologizes: One of my recent Father Corapi articles may have inadvertently offended some good people.

In reference to an earlier article, entitled:
Will success spoil Father John Corapi?

It seems that I may have judged a bit too harshly and inadvertently offended some good people.

I hereby formally retract the last few lines of that article, and replace them with the following:

Now … about that late model BMW automobile that Father Corapi allegedly chooses to drive…

BMW’s may be perfectly good automobiles, but I personally think they are highly overrated!

(And now … BMW fans … please stop sending me those emails.)

British government document “disses” the pope, illustrates level of official anti-Catholicism there

The Government has apologised to the Pope over official documents that mocked his forthcoming visit to Britain by suggesting he should bless a gay marriage and even launch Papal-branded condoms.

The astonishing proposals, leaked to The Sunday Telegraph, were contained in secret papers drawn up earlier this month by civil servants following a ‘brainstorm’.

The ideas, included in a memo headed ‘The ideal visit would see …’, ridiculed the Catholic Church’s teachings including its opposition to abortion, homosexual behaviour and contraception. Many appeared to be deliberately provocative rather than a serious attempt to plan an itinerary for the September visit.

The proposals, which were then circulated among key officials in Downing Street and Whitehall, also include the Pope opening an abortion ward; spending the night in a council flat in Bradford; doing forward rolls with children to promote healthy living; and even performing a duet with the Queen.

In reference to the hugely sensitive issue of child abuse engulfing the Catholic Church, the Government document suggests that the Pope should take a “harder line on child abuse – announce sacking of dodgy bishops” and “launch helpline for abused children”.

The document was sent out by a junior Foreign Office civil servant with a covering note admitting that some of the plans were “far-fetched”.

Recipients of the memo were furious at its content and an investigation was launched. One senior official was found responsible and has been transferred to other duties.

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Fr. Pfleger and the latest apology

Rev. Michael Pfleger — the South Side priest who has often found himself at odds with the Catholic church hierarchy — has issued a written apology after saying during his sermon Sunday that priests should be allowed to marry and that the Catholic Church should ordain women as priests.

In comments that he said in an interview amounted to a brief tangent in a 70-minute homily, Pfleger, the pastor at St. Sabina Catholic Church, spoke of Christ’s disciples abandoning him when he was taken away to be crucified.

They ran away when he most needed them,” Pfleger told parishioners. “Only John at the foot of the cross . . . . And the women . . . Hmm. That’s why there should be women priests. That’s why there should be married priests. That’s why there should be married priests. That’s why there should be women bishops and women cardinals.”

The videotaped remarks found their way online onto YouTube…

…The archdiocese moved quickly to calm the mini-storm. It posted an apology Wednesday on the archdiocese Web site that read:

“On Sunday, April 11, while preaching a sermon on the power of fear, I was referring to the fear that paralyzed the apostles, locking them in a room, leaving only John and the women at the foot of the cross. I stated that is why I believe women ought to be able to be ordained, as well as priests ought to be able to get married.” “While this is my personal opinion, I do respect and follow the Catholic Church teachings, and I am sorry I failed to do this.”

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Sister Baird responds to criticisms of her earlier comments regarding President Obama and Father Pfleger

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SSPX Bishop Williamson Apologizes for Holocaust Comments


“Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them.”

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