Washington Archdiocese “disappointed” by Sebelius’ Georgetown invitation.

“Georgetown University’s response to the commencement speaker decision is disappointing, but not surprising,” the archdiocesan paper said. “When the vision guiding university choices does not clearly reflect the light of the Gospel and authentic Catholic teaching, there are, of course, disappointing results.”


Editor’s note: I was recently disappointed when the quarter pounder with cheese I ordered was delivered cold.

Where’s the justifiable outrage and fiery response to this deliberate and flagrant Jesuit disobedience and our government’s unconstitutional overreach?

The Cardinal has the power to bring these out of control Jesuits up on charges, before the Vatican. Instead, he’s content to be merely disappointed … and leave it at that.

Is somebody putting salt peter into the coffee at the Archdiocese, or are they merely offering this luke-warm response in order to placate those who still remember how the Archdiocese wimped out and failed to support their priest, after the recent sacrilegious, Buddhist, lesbian communion affair?

Priest who withheld communion from lesbian buddhist tells his story

I am confident that my own view, that I did the only thing a faithful Catholic priest could do in such an awkward situation, quietly, with no intention to hurt or embarrass, will be upheld.

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A homosexual organization that blatantly lies … and calls itself “catholic” too!

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 8, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has reaffirmed the illegitimate status of Catholics for Equality, a budding homosexualist “Catholic” group that is scheduled to be hosted at a student event at Georgetown University on Wednesday evening.


A great, joyous, old fashioned Advent hymn

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Monsignor Charles Pope maintains a daily blog that is one of the finest Catholic sites I know … right up there with Bob Stanley’s Catholic Treasure Chest. But unlike the Treasure Chest, Monsignor Pope’s site paces the liturgical year.

Today, the good monsignor shares with us an ancient, favorite Advent hymn, along with a very insightful article.

Take some time to listen and to read. Then, add both sites mentioned above to your favorites!

What do you call a school that’s authentically Catholic, but rejects liberal diocesan policies?

“What [Patricia] Weitzel-O’Neill termed ‘faux Catholic schools’ are springing up, led by those who have been in the Catholic home-schooling movement,” Catholic News Service reported. “She showed the home page to a website for a Pope John Paul II Academy in a suburban section of the Archdiocese of Washington, which has no connection with the archdiocese, despite entreaties by archdiocesan officials that the school seek some sort of connection. ‘They’re teaching the Catholic faith, but they’re not approved by any bishop,’ she added.”

Pope John Paul II Academy’s web page makes clear that:

The school is not an Archdiocesan school. This means that we are challenged to find financial support from our community, and that we cannot, under canon law, lay claim to the title “Catholic.” Rather that title must be given to the school by the Archbishop. Since the Archdiocese has struggled for many years with failing schools, it continues to consider new schools with caution. Our view is that our students, teachers and parents must not hide their faith or treat it as a private matter, but we must let it permeate all that we do, as Pope Benedict XVI has called us to do.

Ms. Weitzel-O’Neill, who has served as the Archdiocese of Washington’s superintendent of schools under Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Archbishop Donald Wuerl, also criticized the Archdiocese of Denver’s decision not to re-enroll a Catholic school student who is being raised by a lesbian couple.

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Pope John Paul II Academy Site

On the “Beauty” of Dying

By: Msgr. Charles Pope

As a priest it has been my privilege to accompany many on their final journey as they prepare for death. Some have gone quickly others have lingered for years in nursing homes. From a pure worldly perspective death seems little less than a disaster and a cause for great sadness. But from a perspective of faith there is something “beautiful” going on. I know you may think it bold that I describe it this way but in the dying process something necessary and beautiful is taking place. It is born in pain but it brings forth gifts and glory if we are faithful.

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Life After Death

The Prophet Daniel and the Beauty of Death


November 13, 2009


Catholic League president Bill Donohue takes issue with those who are critical of the Archdiocese of Washington for rejecting the D.C. bill on gay marriage:

When the bill to promote homosexual marriage was first introduced in D.C., the Archdiocese of Washington was fine with it. That’s because it protected the right of churches and other houses of worship not to perform gay marriages. But then gay overreach took place: the language was changed to narrow the religious liberty protections. Because the archdiocese fears that the new language could be used to force it to provide health benefits to gay couples, and allow for gay adoption, it said it could not abide by the revised bill. In practical terms, this means that Catholic Charities would suspend its city services, a move that would terminate its medical clinics, foster care and adoption services, tutoring for GED tests, mental health services, homeless shelters, etc.

The reaction from the Church’s critics has not only been harsh, it has been over the top. “What the Church is doing is an uncharitable and cruel maneuver,” wrote Petula Dvorak in the Washington Post. In the Huffington Post, Allison Kilkenny concluded that “If gay folk can marry, the Catholic church refuses to feed the homeless.” Adele M. Stan at AlterNet said that this decision, along with the bishops’ opposition to a health care bill that offered abortion coverage, “serve the bishops’ obsession with the sex lives and reproductive organs of others.” She showed her true colors when she opined, “As an institution, it [the Catholic Church] ranks among the world’s most sexually dysfunctional.”

If Alabama Governor George Wallace had told the Archdiocese of Mobile that as a condition of receiving state aid for social services it had to cease performing interracial marriages, few would have criticized the archdiocese for exercising its doctrinal prerogatives. Indeed, it may even have been applauded for doing so. Now it should not matter what the issue is that the Church decides it cannot in good conscience support—what should matter is its First Amendment religious liberty right to do so. The unprincipled, of course, cannot understand such logic.

Catholics and Halloween


By: Msgr. Charles Pope

From the Archdiocese of Washington Website

How About Halloween?

How should we as Catholics and Christians respond to Halloween? In recent decades there seems to have been the emergence of two camps. One sees Halloween is generally harmless fun. The other sees Halloween as a dangerous dalliance with the occult, the demonic and evil. While it is true that there are some excesses evident in current Halloween celebrations, I would largely find myself in the “harmless fun” category especially if we allow Halloween to be a Teachable moment from the Christian perspective.

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