Message to Arizona: Conventional morality “bad for business”.


Forty-five years after the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village protesting police raids on gay bars, then the first “Gay Pride” marches a few years later – events which shocked many Americans more used to homosexuality remaining in the closet – the movement’s newest allies are strictly conventional: Chambers of Commerce, major business groups, and Republican lawmakers.

That’s clearly behind Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a “religious rights” bill allowing commercial enterprises to refuse doing business with gay individuals and couples, including those shopping for wedding products and services. The message from opponents of the bill had been heard loud and clear, and it wasn’t just gay rights groups.

As the Gannett news organization put it online:

Apple, American Airlines, Marriott, and American Express strongly opposed the legislation, saying it would be bad for business. The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee also called for a Brewer veto amid reports the NFL was looking at other sites for its 2015 championship game.


Editor’s note: Barack Obama is bad for business too, but these guys have no trouble supporting him.

Seagal, sheriff train Arizonans to guard schools

PHOENIX (AP) — The self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” joined forces this weekend with action movie star Steven Seagal to train volunteer armed posse members to defend Phoenix-area schools against gunmen.


Maricopa County Sheriff’s investigation determines Obama birth certificate is a fake.

Mike Zullo, the posse’s chief investigator, said numeric codes on certain parts of the birth certificate indicate that those parts weren’t filled out, yet those sections asking for the race of Obama’s father and his field of work or study were completed.

Zullo said investigators previously didn’t know the meaning of codes but they were explained by a 95-year-old former state worker who signed the president’s birth certificate. Zullo said a writer who published a book about Obama’s birth certificate and was aiding investigators let them listen in on an interview he conducted of the former state worker.

The Obama campaign declined to comment on Arpaio’s allegations.

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Planned Parenthood loses big in Arizona

An order signed by a judge Monday implements an agreement between the abortion provider and anti-abortion groups. The agreement stems from a state Court of Appeals ruling in August that upheld most of the challenged provisions of the 2009 law.

Those provisions are now in effect. They include requirements for an in-person briefing by a physician to a woman getting an abortion and a ban on non-physicians performing surgical abortions.


Little known fact: “Heroic” Rep. Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords is 100% pro-abortion.

I would like Rep. Giffords to protect innocent human life when she gets back to voting more regularly.

Given that Emily’s List is currently raising money for her, I doubt she will. But I’m not sure she’ll be convinced otherwise by reading about her similarities to Hitler.

What’s changing the culture are ultrasounds and testimony. Options and information. Information absolutely includes the truth about life and death and Church teaching—and the ugly history and reality of the business and ideology behind abortion. Leading people to the light of a culture of life. What’s changing the culture is love. A love for truth. A love for the dignity of every individual.

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Galileo would be proud: The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

Many would be surprised to know that the Holy See maintains two observatories — one at Castel Gandolfo, the pope’s summer residence outside Rome, and another on a mountaintop in Arizona.

The Catholic Church’s interest in astronomy dates back centuries, in part because Easter and other holy days are determined by the astronomical calendar. The first Vatican observatory was built in 1774, and the papacy built a number of others around Rome until the 1930s when proliferation of light pollution and air pollution hampered stargazing. That’s when the observatory was moved to Castel Gandolfo, although the same problems eventually arose in this spot 16 miles southeast of Rome.

Another Vatican observatory, called the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) opened in 1993 atop Mount Graham in southeastern Arizona. The project grew out of a partnership with the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona.

A plaque inside the front door welcomes those who study the stars: “May whomever searches here night and day . . . use it joyfully with the help of God.”

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Galileo was wrong: The Bible does not teach how the Heavens go … but rather, how to go to Heaven.

Left Wing Tuscon Lawman Blames Everybody But Himself

A lot of people are wondering what to do about Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima County, Ariz. He’s the left-wing lawman who shot off his mouth and blamed everyone to the right of President Obama for the Jan. 8 massacre in Tucson. Last April, he boasted that he would not enforce S.B. 1070, the state’s immigration enforcement law, which he called “racist,” “stupid” and “disgusting.” In September, he accused Tea Party members of being bigots.

Name-calling is one thing. More seriously, Sheriff Dupnik‘s rants may have compromised the future prosecution of suspect Jared Lee Loughner, 22, in the shootings that left federal Judge John Roll, a 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green and four others dead, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition and 11 others wounded.

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Memorial Service or Pep Rally? A Reflection on the Tone in Tuscon and What it Says of Our Culture

I must say that I am quite surprised by the tone of tonight’s memorial service. In fact, I as I write this, it is still going on. It seems more like a pep rally. Perhaps my expectations were wrong. Given that six have been killed, I am surprised to hear raucous applause, and wolf-whistling.

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Murdered Phoenix Federal Judge John Roll Was Said To Be A Daily Communicant

By J. Hanson – Catholic Phoenix

His death in the Giffords shooting puzzled me. Why was he there? Was he a target?

From what I can gather at the moment, it sounds like it was an unfortunate—a tragic—coincidence.

A friend told me that he went to Mass Saturday morning, as it was his habit to do daily, and that he called his wife afterward. He told her that he had heard that Giffords was going to be at Safeway and that he wanted to stop by in order to congratulate her on her recent re-election. He was doing so to be civil.

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Latest News Report

Knight of Columbus Mourn

Catholic bishops fail to encourage the obvious – upholding immigration law.

For too long, American Catholics have been led to erroneously believe that “social justice,” a relatively new term in the Catholic lexicon, means liberal social policies on the part of the state are morally good. Quite often this means “doing good using someone else’s back” – the taxpayers.

It is the essence of socialism, which promotes the redistribution of wealth. This is politics. It must not be confused with charity either. Charity has an individual dimension. It is something a person does freely and is within the provenance of the church to encourage. It is why people, parishes, dioceses and other charitable organizations attend to people’s needs from their own purse.

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Conflict of interest?

George Will takes Cardinal Mahoney “to the woodshed” over Arizona Immigration Law

The problem of illegal immigration is inflaming Mahony, who strongly implies, as advocates for illegal immigrants often do, that any law intended to reduce such illegality is “anti-immigrant.” The implication is: Because most Americans believe such illegality should be reduced, most Americans are against immigrants. This slur is slain by abundant facts — polling data that show Americans simultaneously committed to controlling the nation’s southern border and to welcoming legal immigration.

Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, said, “And now abideth faith, hope and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” Mahony uncharitably judges Arizona legislators and the constituents they represent to be “mean-spirited.” His evident assumption, one quite common today, is that certain ideas cannot be held by any intelligent person of good will.

But what does — what can — Mahony mean by asserting that Arizona’s law is “useless”? He must believe either it will have no effect on illegal immigration or that any effect must be without social value. He can know neither to be true.

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17th Century ‘Lady in Blue’ Instructs Indians in the Southwest – Without Leaving Spain

An Abbess living in Spain bilocates to America

Her extraordinary bilocations to the New World were a source of wonder to the Spanish Church and Crown. The authenticity of the miracle of her more than 500 visits to America was carefully examined and documented by the proper authorities to ensure that there was no fraud or error. She was also carefully examined twice by the Inquisition in the years 1635 and 1650.

In his Memorial of 1630, a report on the state of the missions and colony, Fr. Benavides made a precise account of the Indians who had been instructed by the “Lady in Blue.” His Memorial of 1634, written after he had met and visited with Mother Mary of Agreda in 1631, also describes that meeting and his favorable impressions of the Conceptionist Abbess (see Part Two). When he left Agreda, Fr. Benavides asked Mary of Agreda to write a letter addressed to the missionaries of the New World. Her words inspired religious to labor in the American missionary fields for many years to come.

That Mary of Agreda played an influential role in our country is undeniable. Some years later Fr. Eusebio Kino found old Indians in New Mexico and Arizona who told stories about how a beautiful white woman dressed in blue had spoken to them about the Catholic Faith. Fr. Junipero Serra wrote that it was the “Seraphic Mother Mary of Jesus” who had inspired him to work in the vineyard of the Lord in California. (1)

Today Mother Mary of Agreda is better known for her momentous work on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Mystical City of God. Perhaps one reason that American Catholics know so little about her well-documented bilocations to America is because for centuries Friar Benavides’ Memorials were concealed in the Archives of the Propaganda Fide in Rome and unknown to the English speaking world. His expanded 1634 Memorial was only translated into English and made available to the public in 1945. (2) Many of the details from this article were taken from that document, as well as from several scholarly articles on the topic. (3)

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