Planned Parenthood to honor pro abort Senator (the man who discovered soot inside Chicago’s Union Train Station) on January 23rd

A recent email from Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League:

As you know, next week marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade,
the horrible Supreme Court ruling that stripped unborn babies of
their right to life.

While we pro-lifers hold memorial events all over the country
lamenting this tragedy and recommitting ourselves to defending
unborn babies, Planned Parenthood will be CELEBRATING.

In fact, they’re throwing a huge abortion party in Chicago on
January 23. What’s more they’ll be honoring Senator Dick Durbin
with a “lifetime achievement” award.

But get this: Dick Durbin used to be an outspoken pro-lifer!

I’d like to invite you to JOIN ME to protest Planned Parenthood’s
gala event next week:

EVENT: Protest of Dick Durbin and Planned Parenthood
WHEN: Thursday, January 23, 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: The Bottom Lounge, 1375 W. Lake St, Chicago

Editor’s note: Senator Durbin shares rooms with New York Senator Charles “Chuckie” Schumer, when in Washington, DC. Perhaps his mother forgot to caution little Dick about keeping bad company, as well as a few other very important things!

Iowa homosexuals go too far, Bishop says “no”.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Overruling school officials, a Catholic bishop in Iowa said Monday he would not let a group that promotes equal rights for gays and lesbians present a college scholarship to an openly gay student during an upcoming award ceremony.

Bishop Martin Amos in Davenport said the Eychaner Foundation would not be allowed to present the Matthew Shepard Scholarship to Keaton Fuller during the May 20 ceremony at Prince of Peace Catholic School in Clinton, saying the group’s support for gay rights conflicts with church doctrine.


Editor’s note: Thank God for good bishops! The school officials ought to be fired. Maybe VP Joe Biden can set up something special for the sodomites and their charitable foundation.

Falsely accused Catholic priest awarded more than a million dollars, public apology on TV.

The Association of Catholic Priests has said that the Primetime incident, along with results of a survey commissioned by the Iona Institute points towards media bias among sections of the media, “including some in the national broadcaster”.

The group has also said that it was disappointed by the way RTÉ’s statement and apology was broadcast on television and radio, citing “poor quality delivery” which “seemed to imply a lack of sincerity about the content”.


Cardinal George can’t help parsing … parsing … parsing … making excuses … fixing blame.

by Doug Lawrence

Now, instead of standing his ground in the Pat Quinn/Personal PAC/Goodman affair, Cardinal George is blaming the Catholic Conference of Illinois for not giving him all the facts.

Let’s face it … this is the type of spineless behavior that let the Illinois abortion mess get so far out of hand, in the first place.

I can only imagine the elation of Pat Quinn and Terry Cosgrove, as they celebrated Cardinal George’s near total capitulation. They knew he would. The only question was “when”.

As for the Catholic Conference of Illinois … sorry guys … no good deed goes unpunished in the great, frighteningly liberal, Archdiocese of Chicago!

Cardinal George just threw you under the bus … again!   


Public Scandal: Catholic Senator from Illinois receives abortion award from Planned Parenthood and the UN.

This morning, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the US Senate Majority Whip, received the International Family Planning Award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood of Illinois and the United Nations Foundation (UNF).

Abortion advocates praised Durbin, the number two Democrat in Senate, for relentlessly supporting abortion-on-demand. Carole Brite, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, referred to Durbin as “an unparalleled champion” for the pro-abortion movement.

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Supreme Court: University of Wisconsin to pay $500,000 in damages to Catholic group.

The lawsuit began after UW-Madison withheld a portion of the $253,000 reimbursement requested by Badger Catholic, then known as the Roman Catholic Foundation.

In 2010, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the university violated the group’s First Amendment right to free speech.

The UW-Madison System Board of Regents asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the ruling, arguing that a public university should not be required to provide funds specifically for religious worship activities, but the request was denied.


Church bestows high honor on former top Reagan aide

Monterey Bishop Richard Garcia, who nominated Clark for the honor, presented Clark, 78, with the pontifical medal on March 21 during a Mass at Chapel Hill, a small private chapel Clark had constructed on his ranch in Shandon, a tiny town of fewer than 1000 residents in San Luis Obispo County. Clark is said to have built the chapel on a hill on his ranch after narrowly averting death during the takeoff of a small plane in the 1980s.

While serving in the Reagan Administration, Clark played a crucial role in reversing a more than 100-year-old Congressional ban prohibiting the appointment of a U.S. ambassador to the Holy See. In 1984, President Reagan appointed William A. Wilson as the first U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, ending the 115-year-long ban.

“This event was of great significance because it was an official recognition by the United States of the Vatican as an important actor on the world diplomatic stage,” the Monterey diocese said in a written statement provided to the Ventura County Star.

The diocesan statement also said Clark “played a key role in a plan to end the Cold War while in the Reagan administration,” reported the Star. “The plan included putting pressure on the Soviet Union’s economy… In 1982, Clark arranged a meeting between Reagan and Pope John Paul II. The pope and Reagan agreed it was important to encourage Poland’s solidarity trade union to combat Soviet influence in Eastern Europe.”

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Father Thomas Reese writing in the Washington Post re: Roman Polanski

Imagine if the Knights of Columbus decided to give an award to a pedophile priest who had fled the country to avoid prison. The outcry would be universal. Victim groups would demand the award be withdrawn and that the organization apologize. Religion reporters would be on the case with the encouragement of their editors. Editorial writers and columnist would denounce the knights as another example of the insensitivity of the Catholic Church to sexual abuse.

And they would all be correct. And I would join them.

But why is there not similar outrage directed at the film industry for giving an award to Roman Polanski, who not only confessed to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl but fled the country prior to sentencing? Why have film critics and the rest of the media ignored this case for 31 years? He even received an Academy award in 2003. Are the high priests of the entertainment industry immune to criticism?