Shocking video: Watch members of the “Religion of Peace” behead a Catholic priest.

VATICAN CITY (Catholic Online) – The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.

Warning: Graphic violence

Editor’s note: There appears to be a number of beheadings taking place, starting around time frame 3:45 – and seeming to go on forever – to the repeated cries of “Allahu Akbar”. Please pray for these current day Christian martyrs – and their executioners. 

They’ll never defeat our “free speech” and our “way of life?”

Not a lot of Muslims want to go to the trouble of chopping your head off, but when so many Western leaders have so little rattling around up there, they don’t have to.

And, as we know from the sob-sister Tsarnaev profiles, most of these excitable lads are perfectly affable, or at least no more than mildly alienated, until the day they set a hundred cars alight, or blow up a school boy, or decapitate some guy.

And, if you’re lucky, it’s not you they behead, or your kid they kill, or even your Honda Civic they light up.

And so life goes on, and it’s all so “mundane,” in Simon Jenkins’s word, that you barely notice when the Jewish school shuts up, and the gay bar, and the uncovered women no longer take a stroll too late in the day, and the publishing house that gets sent the manuscript for the next Satanic Verses decides it’s not worth the trouble. . . .

But don’t worry, they’ll never defeat our “free speech” and our “way of life.”

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Christian and Jewish communities of Turkey are on alert following the murder of Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese by his Muslim chauffer.

“With the brutal murder of Bishop Padovese, they have symbolically beheaded the Church in Turkey,” reads a heartfelt testimony by Fr. Martin Kmetec OFM Conv, Franciscan missionary and Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Turkey.

Fr. Martin told Fides: “As a Christian community, we have been hit very hard. Bishop Padovese was much loved and appreciated by all. Beheading him, they have symbolically beheaded Church. Christians are scared, terrified, and even bewildered after this tragic event. Today, our situation is very difficult. Many people wonder about what step to take next, whether they should emigrate, where to go… It was a serious act that will profoundly mark the sentiments of the Christian community in Turkey.”

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