Father Corapi’s Answer to Turning Back the Tide of Darkness

We should make a commitment to study our faith at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week – or some comparable program. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which will in turn help you to understand your reading of Sacred Scripture. You should be able to answer the basic moral questions of the day, as well as give simple explanations for the Church’s basic doctrinal teaching.  Failure to do so results in gross error in faith in morals both among the clergy and among the faithful.  Pray the rosary daily.  By praying the rosary daily, Our Lady will lead you to her Son in the Eucharist, and her Son will obtain for you the grace to obey the Holy Father and magisterial teaching.  Praying the rosary with the scriptures is a lesson in theology however, you must learn to read scripture the way the Church reads scripture.  Therefore, the Bible and the Catechism are inseparable tools to learning the Catholic Faith.

As the darkness settles in ever greater layers our only defense is prayer, the sacraments, and learning all you can about the Catholic Faith. There will be no defense for not learning your faith before the judgment seat of Almighty God.  All the resources are there, but you must be proactive in obtaining the knowledge.

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Bible reading is central in conversions to Catholicism in Shanghai, reports organization

Shanghai, China, Dec 1, 2009 / 12:04 pm (CNA).- Many conversions are taking place in Shanghai, China, in part thanks to the encouragement of Bible reading and youth outreach programs. One convert’s story began in a classroom encounter with Catholicism and led to the conversion of another young man he met while reading the Bible at McDonald’s.

While most Catholics in China are born to Catholic parents, many of the nearly 300,000 Catholics in Shanghai are converts, the United Bible Societies China Partnership reports.

One convert, 27-year-old Shen Cheng, had little exposure to the Catholic faith as a youth. He became interested in Catholicism when one of his professors introduced him to a book by American legal scholar Harold J. Berman. The book so interested Cheng in Catholicism that he bought a Catholic Bible.

Exploring Scripture convinced him to convert to Catholicism. He calls the Bible his “daily bread,” essential to his soul’s well-being.

Shen would often read the Bible wherever he went. At one McDonald’s restaurant he frequented he would read the Bible with a crucifix in front of him.

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