Today’s Question: How is it that Saint Pope John Paul II was able to stand before the Polish people, invoke the Holy Spirit and bring down the mighty, Soviet Union … but he was totally unable to root out any of the homosexual corruption that was … infesting every level of the Catholic Church?

How is it that Saint Pope John Paul II was able to stand before the Polish people, invoke the Holy Spirit and bring down the mighty, Soviet Union (without a single shot being fired) but he was apparently totally unable (or unwilling) to root out any of the virulent, homosexual corruption that was (and still is) known to be infesting every level of the Catholic Church?

Answer: Perhaps there’s only one of those extraordinarily rare, totally unexpected, “Black Swan Events” that instantly change the world, allowed, per customer?

Perhaps the “homosexual collective” within the Catholic Church
is actually more powerful than the Soviet Union,
courtesy of “The Smoke of Satan” that was duly noted
by Saint Pope Paul VI, way back in the 1970’s?

Pope John Paul II was able to successfully galvanize the faithful, Polish people into action, but it’s clear that nothing remotely similar has taken place, regarding the clerical scandals, by any high, Church official.

If anything, the opposite is true.

Diocesan priests have been forced to simply “shut up” and keep their heads down, indicating that silence is the price they must pay for being allowed to continue to do their priestly work.

Other priests – and even, bishops – particularly those with something to hide – are routinely blackmailed into submission – if they’re not summarily shipped off to Soviet style, reorientation (mental) facilities, run by the Church, for just that purpose.

John Paul II’s successor, Pope Benedict XVI,
was allegedly forced to resign,
when he dared to oppose the Church’s powerful,
“Lavender Mafia”.

To this day, nobody knows precisely why he quit.

What we do know, is that Pope Benedict was quickly replaced by “Jorge, the Bergoglion Menace, from Argentina” and the Catholic Church hasn’t been quite the same, since. In fact, if we continue to let “let Jorge do it”, the Catholic Church may never be the same, again.

Jorge Bergoglio – Pope Francis – evidently believes in keeping his enemies close, since he has promoted scandal ridden, openly homosexual clerics to many of the highest offices in the Vatican. Francis prefers to “room” with them, too – in the Vatican’s Santa Marta Hotel – rather than occupy the more traditional, Papal Apartments. The apparent justification: “Who Am I To Judge?”, says Francis.

I can think of at least one person who is totally qualified to judge!
Maybe it’s time we Catholics all got together
to invoke the divine help of Jesus Christ,
in combating Church corruption.

After all, Jesus founded the Church. Jesus remains the head of the Church. And of course, Jesus had his Judas, so he knows how it feels to be betrayed.

It should be noted that Judas constituted
about 8% of the Apostles, at the time.

Jesus is evidently, the only one who has the power and authority to “fire” a corrupt, heretic Pope, who has yet to display any truly Catholic, spiritual credentials.

Maybe Jesus is merely waiting for an appropriate request,
from “The Body of Christ”.

Let us pray…

Charity is the sometimes forgotten and often unseen “gooey chocolate center” of the Catholic Church.


The Pope emphasized the importance of the spirituality of charity, which involves “giving oneself, going outside oneself and being at the continuous service of people living in extreme situations.”

On the one hand, the church has to help and heal these people as well as “bring into the Church this feeling of tenderness, which is more than a feeling, it’s a value the Mother Church can’t lose.”


The Catholic Church, as mentioned in Holy Scripture

A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden: Mt 5:14

Body of Christ: Eph 1:22-23

Bride of Christ: Isa 61:10,62:5,
Jer 7:34,16:9,25:10,33:11, Joel 2:16,
Jn 3:29, Eph 5:23-24,31-32,
Rev 18:23,*21:2,**9,22:17

Church of the firstborn: Heb 12:23

Church of the Living GOD: 1Tim 3:15

City of the living GOD: Heb 12:22

Heavenly Jerusalem: Heb 12:22

Holy City: Rev 21:2

Holy and without blemish: Eph 5:27

Mustard seed: Mt 13:31-32, Mk 4:30-32, Lk 13:18-19

My Church: Mt 16:18

New Jerusalem: Rev 21:2

Pillar and foundation of the truth: 1Tim 3:15

Poor little one tossed with the tempest: Isa 54:11

Submitted by Bob Stanley

When did Catholics begin praying to Mary and why?


Q: When did Catholics begin praying to Mary and why?

A:  After Jesus returned to Heaven, Mary remained the closest living link to Jesus, on the earth.

It’s not difficult to imagine how a brief personal encounter with the Blessed Virgin might provide inspiration to the faithful, and also provide faithful witness to an often incredulous and unbelieving world.

During such encounters, it was certainly not unusual for someone to ask Mary to pass along prayers and petitions to her divine son, Jesus. In fact, nothing could be more natural.

When Mary’s earthly existence was complete, those who knew her, particularly St. John, who was entrusted with her care by Christ, never believed for a moment that God would permit her holy and virginal human body to see the corruption of the grave.

Shortly after her body was placed in the tomb, the tomb was found to be empty, leading the apostles to believe that Mary had indeed been assumed into Heaven by the power of God, where she immediately received the fullness of all God’s rewards.

According to the Bible, those rewards include ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ, enthronement in a place of honor, and a share in God’s own divine life.

By virtue of our baptism, Catholics have the right to pray to anyone in Heaven, for any good reason.

This takes nothing at all away from the worship we reserve for God alone. It is simply the logical and natural way of staying in touch with all the members of the Body of Christ.

Mary is a living icon of the Church, the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, the holiest and most gracefully successful creature who ever lived, and the God-appointed intercessor on our behalf, with her divine son Jesus.

That’s plenty of reasons to stay in touch with her. Not that we can’t also pray to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whenever we like.……