Obamacare: Introducing the government subsidized $10,000 abortion!

“Did you know that ObamaCare includes plans that deduct an abortion premium directly from your paycheck to fund all types of elective abortions? And fines will be directly assessed when you file your tax returns if you refuse to comply with its mandates,” ADF continues. “The ObamaCare mandate is worse than you think. There’s a lot more they don’t want you to know.”

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Editor’s note: All that government generated abortion money will empower abortionists to tack on all manner of additional fees and charges … greatly increasing the profit the abortionist makes from his/her grisly work.

The cost of what used to be a $500 “procedure” will soon increase to multiple thousands of  dollars.  This massive subsidy will greatly increase the total number of abortions and boost the political power of the abortion lobby, at a huge cost … in both money … and innocent blood.

All of this will be paid for by your tax dollars and by additional government borrowing, courtesy of Barack Obama, the Abortion President!