Priests were prevented from ministering to Boston bombing victims.

Jennifer Graham captures the problem well:

But it is a poignant irony that Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who died on Boylston Street, was a Catholic who had received his first Communion just last year. As Martin lay dying, priests were only yards away, beyond the police tape, unable to reach him to administer last rites…

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Gun control laws didn’t stop Boston’s terrorist bombers. They never do!


When Pressure Cookers Are Outlawed
Only Outlaws Will Have Pressure Cookers

Of course, gun control zealots respond to this by trotting out one of the silliest arguments they’ve ever presented: rising crime in the wake of tougher gun laws is a result of neighboring states failing to pass equally tough gun laws.  The same malarkey is ladled out whenever the vicious crime rates of a gun-control utopia like Chicago are discussed.  But Jacoby notes that in Massachusetts, as in Chicago, the surrounding areas have substantially lower crime rates.  If there’s any significant migration of armed criminals across state lines, it’s happening because said criminals are eager to ply their trade in “gun-free zones,” where they know tough gun laws have disarmed their prey.

There are calls to avoid politicizing the Boston Marathon atrocity – many of them emanating from people who have every intention of politicizing the hell out of it, but want to keep things quiet until the emotional reaction of the public subsides, in a perfect inversion of the strategy they employed to piggyback unconnected gun-control laws on the Newtown massacre.  The situation in Boston is so obvious that it crosses over the line into simple common sense, rather than politics.  Gun control laws didn’t slow down this pair of terrorist killers.  Their presence in various databases of interest to law enforcement didn’t prompt anyone to keep a close eye on them.  The government isn’t processing the information it already has very well; another gun database, another set of hoops for law-abiding citizens to jump through, will only increase the ratio of determined armed criminals to good citizens who conclude that exercising their Second Amendment rights isn’t worth the hassle.  And of course, the Boston bombers demonstrated that horrifying amounts of carnage can be inflicted without using guns.



Blue Police State Arbitrarily Suspends Civil Liberties. But They Had A Good Excuse!


As a reminder of what happened last week in Boston, full scale martial law was in place. Citizens were told to stay in their homes. They were told not to travel to and from businesses, and not to open their businesses. The economy was completely shut down. Let’s be clear, the 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment did not exist in Boston last week (arguably, the 2nd Amendment has been ignored in Boston for some time now). Law enforcement claims this was all “voluntary” lockdown, but a citizen video shows a much different story.

Text and video

Editor’s note: That this would happen in what is arguably one of the most the liberal states in the country speaks volumes about the tactics which might be used by a liberal controlled, federal executive branch of government, given virtually any excuse, so long as the necessary assets and resources could be successfully acquired and deployed.

The hundreds of billions Congress has spent on alleged “Homeland Security” might well end up being used to oppress Americans, rather than deterring terrorists.  This past weekend in Boston, it was used to accomplished both.

If it happened in Boston … then with appropriate pretense … there’s little to stop it from happening in your own local community … especially if you happen to live in a blue state. These types of things tend to set precedents, so it’s likely this is only the beginning. And in the end, the only thing capable of stopping it may be “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state”.

That’s why the 2nd Amendment also maintains that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms arms, shall not be infringed.”

Should push ever come to shove, we can be certain that Joe Biden and his 12 gauge shotgun won’t have much of an effect on armored vehicles … or armored fighting men. And the would be tyrants know it.

That’s why they want to totally eliminate what they term “assault rifles” equipped with “large capacity” magazines … leaving the citizenry armed only with ineffective weaponry that would pose little or no threat to forces that might deliberately trample on the rights of all Americans … much as those same forces already selectively enforce only the laws of this land with which they happen to agree.

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Observations of an outspoken critic of the Boston interfaith prayer service

Regarding the various politicians and clergy who were invited to speak at Boston’s Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, writer Thomas A. Droleskey observes :

It is no wonder that Ronne Friedman did not acknowledge Sean O’Malley as Friedman is an anti-Catholic bigot. He is a Christophobe. Nancy Taylor is just as much an anti-Catholic bigot as Ronne Friedman. Yet it is that they were permitted to speak at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross even though their very presence in the sanctuary of this once proud Catholic cathedral where so many thousands of true Masses were offered to God for His greater honor and glory as the very Sacrifice of the Cross was perpetuated in an unbloody manner was itself an act of mocking the Holy Cross and the Divine Redeemer upon which our sins fastened Him.

You might also like to know who one of Ronne Friedman’s congregants is. Sure, let me inform you. He is the brother of the 2004 nominee of the organized crime family of the naturalist “left,” the pro-abortion, pro-perversity then United States Senator and current United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry, at whose nominating convention in Boston, Massachusetts, nine years ago Ronne Friedman prayed to the devil:

Also yesterday, the invocation was given by Rabbi Ronne Friedman of Temple Israel in the Fenway. Kerry’s brother — attorney Cameron F. Kerry, a convert to Judaism — is a member of Temple Israel.

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The question for today: If you had to remain barricaded in your home, would you be safer with or without your own personal assault weapon?


BOSTON—Thousands of law enforcement officers are entering the 20th hour of a massive, door-to-door manhunt for a 19-year-old suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings that wounded more than 170 people and left three dead.

A late-night police chase and shootout left one marathon bombing suspect—26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev—dead and the other, his younger brother, on the run, police here said. One police officer was killed and another seriously wounded during the violent spree. The city of Boston and its surrounding areas have ground to a standstill as the manhunt continues in a 20-block radius of Watertown, with local leaders warning residents to stay indoors. Police also announced there will be a “controlled explosion” in a building in Cambridge on Friday afternoon.

NBC News reported that police have uncovered seven improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Watertown and in the brothers’ home in Cambridge.

“It is important that folks remain indoors, keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed law enforcement officer on the other side of it,” Gov Deval Patrick said at a 12:30 p.m. press conference.


Cardinal Bernard Law retires

Vatican City, Nov 21, 2011 / 05:55 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, former Archbishop of Boston, and appointed Spanish Archbishop Santos Abril y Castelló as the new archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

Cardinal Law, who resigned in 2002 as Archbishop of Boston in the wake of the sex abuse scandal, turned 80 on Nov. 4.


It’s pretty bad in Boston.

First the Archdiocese was allowing Mass for the purpose of celebrating and commemorating Gay Pride at St. Cecilia’s in Boston. Then they said it had to be cancelled, but there would be a Mass in the future to welcome the community, but not specifically gays and lesbians. Now, the “Mass marking gay pride is back on” with the full endorsement of the archdiocese.  This hit the Monday morning news after Catholic bloggers including us revealed how for years St. Cecilia’s has been sponsoring speakers who support gay marriage, in direct opposition to Catholic teachings.

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