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Republicans and Democrats
December 01st, 2009 | 9:02am

I have tended to vote for Republican candidates, not with any enthusiasm, but because the Democrats have become so toxic. The once “party of the working man” became a collection of race pimps, militant feminists, militant gays, socialists and other assorted freaks. I could not seriously consider voting for Democrats because they had become a carnival side show.

The Republicans under Reagan, were pro life, pro economic opportunity and for a strong national defense [note that a strong national defense and continuous war are not the same thing]. The GOP however, under W Bush became a party that favored corrupt, greedy corporate crooks, constant war, and expansion of Federal Power [No Child Left Behind, expand the “war on drugs”, etc]. W Bush screwed up so very badly, that the toxic Democrats regained both Houses of Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2009.

I wish we had a third party which resembled the platform of Ron Paul, unfortunately, the two major parties have stacked the deck against third parties, so that we are forced to choose between bad and worse. Neither party truly represents us any more. Where do we go from here?

Written by Austin

Seen on the Internet: Obama, Bush, and Hitler


I’ve read the recent posts regarding the comparisons between Hitler and Obama. It’s funny cause, after eight years of people calling Bush Hitler, they cry foul when Obama is called Hitler. Just where were those people from 2001-2008? Did these hypocrites ever address this when President Bush was being assailed? If you ask me, these Obama defenders are doing a tap dance around the abortion issue.

Those who compare Obama to Nazi’s are comparing him to Nazism in the earlier days with a belief that it could very well grow into what Nazism grew into. I don’t think these Obama defenders understand that the Christian principle of self-determination is the cornerstone of Western society. I think Obama defenders ignore the connections between between Hitler’s brand of socialism and Obama’s brand of socialism. The lesson should be that such zealots are capable of consequences that most would have believed when they voted for ‘change’.

Further more, There is no evil that exists in the world, proportionate to the evil of abortion. There is truly a culture of death amongst the socialists…the atheistic. Persons should not be surprised that when mankind teaches, promotes, supports, encourages and funds the slaughter of innocent defenseless little boys and girls throughout the whole world…that life becomes something trivial in significance and magnitude and dignity to the generations of persons being subjected.

To dismiss the actions of atheistic socialism as being unique to the Nazis is delusion. To dismiss drawn parallels and similarities of atheistic socialist ideals and philosophies and practices, as being unfounded simply because someone uses the most infamous scenario in the world, is disingenuous and pure denial of the truth. Those who like to dismiss the links between Obama and Hitler are in pure denial of the truth and sad to say are products of the system.

We slaughter over 50,000,000 defenseless little boys and girls every year in the world…and somehow the progressives believe this is a good. We promote assisted suicide in some states here and practice euthanasia at our nursing homes and somehow progressives see this as a good. Throughout the world the progressives call for the destruction of life, be it for economic, evnironmental, social or political “reason,” is is not a good but an evil. When progressives are more worried about whether Michael Vick had a hand in killing seven dogs so he can’t participate in their religion (sports and entertainment) and less worried that a mother like Whoopi Goldberg proudly and publicly claims to have slaughtered seven of her own children…their evil intents are as clear today as they were in 1940.

I know, it doesn’t begin with this administration, but this particular administration displays its atheistic socialism on its sleeve. Over time perhaps this could be good or could be at least weaved by God into a good as perhaps persons will finally have to separate themselves from what has been convenient for their own causes and move more away from the evils that are conveniently and passively not acknowledged.

The reason the national socialism failed then – it lied about the dignity of the human person – the reason it will always fail.

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Obama and Blair. Messianism reinterpreted








Obama and Blair. Messianism reinterpreted

by Michel Schooyans

The election of Barack Obama as president of the United States has raised many expectations all over the world. In the United States, the voters chose a young, mixed race, brilliant president. He is expected to keep his promise of correcting the errors of the president who preceded him. Some excessive terms have even been used, for example the assertion that the time has come to “rebuild” the United States, or to reorganize the international order. This shows the influence of Saul D. Alinsky (1909-1972), one of the intellectual guides of the new president and Hillary Clinton. There has been no lack of zeal among the dynamic new president’s admirers, who demonized the beleaguered president George W. Bush, calling for the dismantling of the politics that he developed as soon as possible. Now the Bush administration, although it did have its merits, was characterized by failures that have been acknowledged, even by the president’s inner circle. Nonetheless, on one essential and fundamental point, President Bush promoted a policy worthy of respect and continuity: he offered both unborn children and medical personnel legal protection, certainly less than sufficient but still effective.

The voters who put Barack Obama into the presidency did not perceive the weakness and ambiguity of the statements made by their candidate concerning this decisive point. Moreover, once elected, one of President Obama’s first actions was to revoke President Bush’s measures to protect the unborn child’s right to life.

President Obama is thus reintroducing the right to discriminate, to “set aside” some human beings. With him, the right of every human person to life and liberty is no longer recognized, much less protected. As a result, President Obama disputes the reasoning invoked by his fellow African-Americans when they demanded, rightly, the recognition of the right of all to the same dignity, to equality and freedom. In its prenatal version, racism has been restored in the United States.

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