Reader comments about the subject matter of Fr. Euteneuer’s new books

California Catholic Daily recently posted an article about Fr. Euteneuer’s  two new books on exorcism and abortion.

Exorcism and the Church Militant

Demonic Abortion

The article is just fine, but the reader comments are really something to behold. Take a look:

Posted Monday, June 14, 2010 6:39 AM By Winkyb
It has been widely said that abortion are sacrifices to demons more specifically moloek, the same god the Aztec civilization sacraficed to and that the altar is the surgical table whether the persons soliciting know it or not. My questioned is why the Bishops and Priests with these horrible mills in their diocese and parish have not performed the rite of exocism at these site? We do pray there and there been reports when group of priests in habits are present in group the mill closes and abortion have decreased by 50% or greater.

Posted Monday, June 14, 2010 11:56 AM By Wounded
This book will be very valuable to young people. i would know – when I was a young practicing Catholic girl age 22- I became pregnant. The shame of this drove me to a mistake that I can never take back. I live in a world where women are only as valuable as they look & the men that we give ourselves to have no responsibilty to us. It is the woman’s choice alone b/c she is abandoned. Fear & shame & abandonment lead to abortion. I knew it was wrong – but I thought my problem would go away and I wouldn’t have to face this difficult future. I knew I was wrong.The Pro-Life Movement never touches apon the real problems. Men used to step up to their responsiblities but now boys don’t turn into men until they are much older (closer to 40) where does that leave a scared young women who troubles are just beginning. I regret my decision everyday for 17 years. I regret giving my self to someone out of wed lock.I reget getting pregnant. Can Pro-Life find a way to help us without making us want to die with shame. I seek God’s Devine Mercy. People never speak publically about their shame – every women knows that it’s wrong when they are doing it. But fear is paralizing if you find yourself alone without any support or love. This can drive almost anyone to a mortal mistake. Pray on a true solution. The current stategy does not address any of the emotions that these women feel A few kind words cannot save me from myself.

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News from the Trenches

It started out a tough morning, with many people refusing to stop or roll down their car windows. Roger spoke with a Hispanic couple in their early 20s. The couple had a one-and-a-half-year-old child, who was not with them at the time. When asked, the woman said she was there for an abortion because of many reasons, financial being one of them. Roger told them about Culture of Life Family Services and that they could get pre-natal care for free if money was an issue. After relating that the new baby would be as dear to her as her other child and that each baby is a unique person, they seemed to soften. They said they would talk about it, and seemed to be leaning toward leaving. They parked, but after about 15 minutes they were seen going into the mill. We prayed that they would change their minds and come out, which often happens once you have planted the seeds of doubt. We kept an eye out for them, but after about 10 minutes it became busy at the front entrance as another wave of cars came in, and we lost track of whether or not they stayed.

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