Salvation outside the Catholic Church: What do we know about it – for certain?


Cardinal Burke may officially
on this matter

All references to salvation in Vatican Council II are implicit, invisible and hypothetical. They are not explicit, visible in the flesh and seen in real life.

In fact, other than those who have been officially declared saints by the Catholic Church, no one living here on earth can possibly know the true status of anyone else’s – or even their very own – eternal soul.

Since salvation outside the Church is not the province of man – but solely of God – and hence, a great miracle – is it wise, prudent, or in any way appropriate for high level Catholic clerics to declare that God will (routinely) save anyone, so long as they try to live a “good” life, according to the dictates of their conscience? Furthermore – is it right and just for them to require others to believe it, too?

All of this and more is the subject of Lionel Andrade’s latest post.

Can you spell antinomianism?

Among the most serious wounds of society today is the separation of legal culture from its metaphysical objective, which is moral law[BINGO. Think of this also in terms of the virtue of religion.]

In recent times this separation has been much accentuated, manifesting itself as a real antinomianism, which claims [in error] to render actions which are intrinsically evil as legal, for example, abortion on demand, artificial conception of human life with the aim of carrying out experimentation on the life of a human embryo, the so-called euthanasia of those who have the right to our preferential assistance, legal recognition of same-sex unions as marriage, and the negation of the fundamental right to conscience and religious liberty.  [Have you ever heard a Catholic politician defend abortion because its “legal”?]

This antinomianism embedded in civil society has unfortunately infected post-Council ecclesial life[NB: “post-Council”] associating itself, regrettably, with so-called cultural novelties. Excitement following the Council, linked to the establishment of a new Church which teaches freedom and love, has strongly encouraged an attitude of indifference towards Church discipline, if not even hostility. The reforms of ecclesial life which were hoped for by the Council Fathers were therefore, in a certain sense, hindered, if not betrayed.


How will God respond to government, institutions, employers, charities and others all “materially and formally” cooperating with sin?

Jerusalem Destroyed

Cardinal Burke discussed critical matters of faith, religious liberty, and culpability in relation to the threatened government mandate for employers to provide free contraception, sterilization services, and abortion-inducing drugs with Catholic Action founder and president Thomas McKenna.

“Cardinal Burke stands in solidarity with U. S. bishops and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in defense and advocacy for Church dogma while highlighting the critical role that the Bishops must play as shepherds to their flock,” McKenna said in a news release.

In the interview, Cardinal Burke urged bishops not to be deceived by “false accommodations” from the secular, anti-life, and anti-family crowd.

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Seen on the web: The Bass-Ackward Hierarchy of the Modern American Family

We do not have many men who are strong leaders in the Western world due to the popular trend of seeking to feminize men and replace male leaders with women. In the striving to do so society has intentionally demeaned and degraded what it means to be a man. No wonder we have so many men who don’t know what it means to be manly and so many women who don’t know what its like to be treated as a lady.

That’s also why so many men cower before the feminists these days- its sort of like Stockholm syndrome.

I had a friend from the Ukraine. They have a popular saying: In America the woman is first, then the children, next the dog (although it is debatable as there is evidence the dog is rated higher than children) and then the man.

I suppose that is another reason we don’t have many sound male leaders. No one really thinks men are that important in general society. Then again there are men who say: who cares what everyone else thinks, what is right is right. Thankfully Cardinal Burke is one of them. God bless him and those like him.

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Kathleen Sebelius “Source of greatest embarrassment” – “Betrayed her Catholic faith”

sebeliussmall1As a Roman Catholic, Gov. Sebelius’ appointment is “the source of the greatest embarrassment because she has publicly and repeatedly betrayed her Catholic faith, in the most fundamental tenet of the moral law, that is, the law to safeguard and foster human life from the moment of its inception to the moment of natural death,” said Archbishop Burke.

“Her position on the question of procured abortion is the source of the greatest scandal to Catholics and to all who uphold the natural moral law,” he continued.

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