Lone pro-life Democratic Congressman speaks at Chicago March for Life

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, a socially conservative Democrat who was joined onstage by Republican House colleague Peter Roskam, asked the crowd how many were not alive when the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade.

About a hundred hands shot up and cheers ensued.

“We know today that … science is with us, the truth is with us,” Lipinski said. “The pro-life movement continues to build, continues to grow — you are all a part of that. It is not just being against abortion; it is about embracing life.”

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Editor’s note: One positive note … this local rally has already received more media attention than the upcoming March in Washington, D.C. is likely to.

Francis Cardinal George: … a mistake is not a cover up.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This January, as was announced a month ago in a press conference by a plaintiff’s lawyer, documents relating to the sexual misconduct of 30 priests of the archdiocese will be released as part of settlement agreements over the past years. All these incidents were reported over the years to the civil authorities and claims have been mediated civilly. Almost all of the incidents happened decades ago, perpetrated by priests whom neither I nor many younger clergy have ever met or talked to, because the priests were either dead or out of ministry before I came to Chicago as archbishop.

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Editor’s note: Shortly after things came to light, we had a chance to ask the Cardinal what happened in the Daniel McCormack affair.  It seems that Cardinal George was away at the Vatican when local  supervision of McCormack proved insufficient. Obviously, mistakes were made.

The Democratic Party now stands against what Catholics should believe.

Let’s make a list: abortion on demand, the contraceptive mandate, continued urban segregation, same-sex marriage, and unending illegal immigration. The list goes on.

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Survey says: Catholics hopeful that new Vatican survey will make things better. Just not sure how.


While Vatican officials have made clear the survey is not a poll to help bishops shape church doctrine based on popular vote, it does mark an extraordinary departure from how bishops have prepared for previous synods to determine doctrine. At a recent gathering of America’s Catholic bishops in Baltimore, prelates grappled with how best to execute such an unheard-of request by the Dec. 31 deadline and whether they were correctly interpreting the pope’s intentions.


Editor’s note: How about a new version of the “Family Feud” TV show – based on the responses, with the Pope as host? It did wonders for the late Richard Dawson’s career. Maybe it can help the Church!

Cardinal George: “It is intellectually and morally dishonest to use the witness of the Church’s concern for the poor as an excuse to attack the Church’s teaching on the nature of marriage.”

Chicago, Ill., Aug 1, 2013 / 02:18 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, Ill., is defending his decision to cease funding of an immigration organization after it declared support and encouragement for same-sex “marriage.”

The board of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights “broke faith with its member organizations when it publicly supported so called ‘same-sex marriage,’” said Cardinal George in a July 29 statement.

“For its own political advantage, it introduced a matter extraneous to its own purpose and betrayed its own members, who were not consulted.”


High level political hack Bill Daley again attempting to “bully” Cardinal George

SPRINGFIELD — Democratic gubernatorial hopeful William Daley called Wednesday on Cardinal Francis George to back off his threat to cut off funding to an immigrant-rights coalition because of its support for same-sex marriage legislation at the Statehouse.

“My view on marriage equality and those of immigrant-aid groups who have similar views really are irrelevant to our collective duty to help those who are less fortunate,” Daley wrote in a letter to George.

Daley becomes the latest and one of the most prominent political voices to date to join in the pushback at George for his targeting of the Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which has come out in support for same-sex marriage in the state.


Editor’s note: Bill Daley has long been in the habit of bullying Cardinal George by planting opinion pieces, often labeled as something else, in major Chicago newspapers – and unfortunately, the tactic has been at least partially successful. Now he’s doing it again.

Daley ought to know that the Catholic Church has no business supporting organizations that promote anti-Catholic causes. It’s that simple.

Let’s hope Cardinal George has the guts to tell the allegedly Catholic, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Bill Daley to either “fly right” – or to sit down and shut up – when it comes to matters of church policy,

Cardinal George Refuses Gay Activist Communion, Lesbian Cantor Brings Host to Him Anyway.

A homosexual activist named Joe Murray essentially stood in the front pew during Mass where Chicago’s Archbishop Francis Cardinal George presided at the Archdiocesan’s Gay and Lesbian Outreach’s (AGLO) 25th anniversary liturgy. While a number of gay activists protested outside Murray had his back turned to Cardinal George and was facing the people while wearing a rainbow sash. Real subtle, huh?

Murray had previously protested Cardinal George being invited to this Mass, saying “‘The only metaphor that comes to mind is that of inviting Hitler to a remembrance service for holocaust victims.” Yeah, subtlety is not his thing.

When Murray presented himself for Communion he was sent away by Cardinal George empty handed. That is, until Brenna Cronin, a reported lesbian cantor, went up twice and personally delivered the Eucharist to Murray. She was previously quoted in the Windy City Times saying of this mass:

“Brenna Cronin, choir member and cantor, is torn. ‘For me as a music minister, I will have to make a decision. My heart says that I want to be there that day and minister for my community,’ she said. ‘At the same time I want to stand on the sidewalk with Joe Murray and hold a candle to show my protest.’

Murray called Cronin his “priest” for delivering the Eucharist to him.


Matt Drudge Tweets: Abortion Killing 3,500 Babies Every Day. Where’s the national grief?


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Editor’s note: Cardinal George recently stated that government has no power to establish laws that are mere “legal fiction”.  Roe v. Wade seems to be the exception that proves the rule.

Cardinal George: “Civil laws that establish ‘same-sex marriage’ create a legal fiction.”

When 27 people are killed in Connecticut it’s called a massacre. When 27 people are killed at the local Planned Parenthood it’s called “an average week”.

Cardinal George: “Civil laws that establish ‘same-sex marriage’ create a legal fiction.”

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George and his six auxiliary bishops officially entered Illinois’ gay marriage fray Tuesday, issuing a letter that urges parishioners to contact state legislators and voice opposition to a legalization bill that could face a vote this week.

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Cardinal George: The very real dangers of being on the wrong side of things.

Eternity enters into human history in often incomprehensible ways. God makes promises but gives no timelines.

Visiting the shrine at Fatima, pilgrims enter a huge plaza, with the spot of the apparitions marked by a small chapel to one side, a large church at one end, an equally large adoration chapel at the other end, and a center for visitors and for the hearing of confessions. Just outside the main grounds, a section of the Berlin Wall has been re-built, a stark witness to what Mary had talked about almost a century ago. Communism in Russia and its satellite nations has collapsed, although many of its sinful effects are still with us.

Communism imposed a total way of life based upon the belief that God does not exist. Secularism is communism’s better-scrubbed bedfellow.

A small irony of history cropped up at the United Nations a few weeks ago when Russia joined the majority of other nations to defeat the United States and the western European nations that wanted to declare that killing the unborn should be a universal human right.

Who is on the wrong side of history now?

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Three short “Real Catholic TV” videos worth watching

Vortex – Cardinal George KKK


Vortex – ADL Foxman


Vortex – Immigration – division


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Tribune (and others) see nothing wrong with homosexuals openly and lewdly parading on Sunday … the Lord’s Day.

Homosexual journalist and “lapsed Catholic,” Rex Wockner writes:

The Chicago gay pride parade attracts 800,000 people. It proceeds through a heavily congested, dense urban cityscape. Absolutely positively everything in its wake is disrupted. What on earth makes one service at one church on one day special enough to change the start time of a gigantic parade?

The “gay liberation” movement couldn’t care less if their parade of perversion and egregious public lewdness disrupts the services of scores of churches. And likely the Trib’s editorial board doesn’t care either.

Worse than their obtuseness regarding Cardinal George’s analogy is the editorial board’s dishonest misrepresentation of his comments. The editors conclude by asserting that the parade does not “stifle anyone’s religious beliefs.” Nice rhetorical trick. The deceit, of course, is that Cardinal George never claimed the parade would stifle beliefs. He said it might “interfere” with worship. Surely, the editors would concede that it’s possible that it might interfere with worship services. Those who don’t want to see public nudity or wild celebrations of sexual perversion, or who don’t want their children to see such images, might justifiably deem the parade an interference.

Although Cardinal George did not refer to “stifling religious belief,” the editors did, so I will respond: They must be kidding. Are they actually arguing that no member of the “gay liberation” movement seeks to stifle religious belief? Many in the movement to normalize homosexuality seek to eradicate all orthodox religious belief or at minimum make it so socially, legally, and politically costly that no one will dare express such beliefs. The “gay liberation” movement poses a serious threat to First Amendment religious protections (not to mention speech and parental rights).

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Gov. Quinn ignores 2nd warning from Illinois Catholic Bishops

…after reading Quinn’s comments posted on the Sun-Times website Saturday, the bishops that met with Quinn issued a written statement saying Quinn characterized the meeting wrong:

The primary purpose of the sit-down, they said, was to admonish the governor for using his Catholic up-bringing to justify views that they say aren’t supported by the church.

It was the second time in the past two months the bishops have issued a statement blasting the Catholic governor.

“We share the Governor’s concern for the poor,” they wrote. “From our point of view, however, this was a meeting between pastors and a member of the Church to discuss the principles of faith, not the works of faith. On several occasions, the Governor has referred to his Catholic conscience and faith as the justification for certain political decisions.”

The letter continued: “As Catholic pastors, we wanted to remind the Governor that conscience, while always free, is properly formed in harmony with the tradition of the Church, as defined by Scripture and authentic teaching authority. A personal conscience that is not consistent with authentic Catholic teaching is not a Catholic conscience. The Catholic faith cannot be used to justify positions contrary to the faith itself. It is a matter of personal integrity for people who call themselves Catholic to act in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

The bishops said they were particularly concerned about Quinn’s influence on others “since he holds a highly visible and influential position.”

The letter concluded: “This concern on our part, as pastors of the Church, was the fundamental and primary topic of our conversation with Governor Quinn.”


Who does Pat Quinn think he is … Pontius Pilate?

by Doug Lawrence

“I always feel that when you have an issue that you’re concerned about, the best thing to do is pick up the phone, set up a time, an appointment, and come on in and have a face-to-face dialogue,” said Quinn, a Catholic who has long clashed with the church about abortion rights.

Who does Pat Quinn think he is … Pontius Pilate?

It’s Quinn who ought to be making an appointment … to humbly confess his sins … in the Sacrament of Reconciliation … but only after he first turns away from his present, deadly public policies on abortion and homosexual unions.

And while the Cardinal’s faint-hearted waffling makes this look at first, like a victory for Quinn … Quinn’s actions have (objectively) placed him ( along with a shamefully large number of other allegedly Catholic politicians) in a really bad spot: A place where even the slickest of tin-horn politicians … from the very bluest of states … will find themselves totally powerless, and without hope.

Tick, tock, governor. The time for salvation is now!


Cardinal George can’t help parsing … parsing … parsing … making excuses … fixing blame.

by Doug Lawrence

Now, instead of standing his ground in the Pat Quinn/Personal PAC/Goodman affair, Cardinal George is blaming the Catholic Conference of Illinois for not giving him all the facts.

Let’s face it … this is the type of spineless behavior that let the Illinois abortion mess get so far out of hand, in the first place.

I can only imagine the elation of Pat Quinn and Terry Cosgrove, as they celebrated Cardinal George’s near total capitulation. They knew he would. The only question was “when”.

As for the Catholic Conference of Illinois … sorry guys … no good deed goes unpunished in the great, frighteningly liberal, Archdiocese of Chicago!

Cardinal George just threw you under the bus … again!   


Jennie Goodman’s rape has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Quinn’s support for abortion.

by Doug Lawrence

Now we have the Sun-Times interviewing Jennie Goodman, the alleged rape victim, and the poster girl for Personal PAC, the Governor’s pro abortion, Illinois activist group.

With writer Dave McKinney pulling all the strings and jerking all the tears, we learn about Goodman’s sad, sad story.

We also learn that her mother works for Personal PAC, and it is she who, along with Governor Quinn and director/chief strategist Terry Cosgrove, is primarily responsible for putting her daughter in this difficult situation.

Way to go, mom!

As for Cardinal George and the other bishops … its not their fault that Jennie Goodman got raped, turned to drugs, and later allowed herself to be set up and used by her own mother, Quinn, and Personal PAC, in order to provide cover for their continuing advocacy for the willful and wanton slaughter of innocent babies, in Illinois.

The bishops are speaking up for the babies, and that’s precisely what they ought to be doing.

In light of all this, it seems to me, the poor, not too bright, Goodman woman has already been “raped” not once, but several times … and it’s high time she started paying much closer attention to the kind of company she keeps!


Carol Marin opines over criticism of Quinn, mainly because it also applies to her.

In her Chicago Sun-Times article, Marin maintains, in-part:

Insufficiently respecting the role of women is a problem for the men who run the church.

The Vatican inquisition of American Catholic nuns comes immediately to mind. As does last year’s excommunication of Sister Margaret McBride by the bishop of Phoenix. Her crime was concluding, on the ethics committee of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona, that only an abortion would save the life of a pregnant mother of four children.

As Margaret Steinfels, co-director of Religion and Culture at Fordham University, observed in the National Catholic Reporter in January, “A lot of people think the bishops haven’t the foggiest idea of what it means to be pregnant, or to be pregnant and sick, or to be pregnant and dying.”


Editor’s note: Carol Marin probably doesn’t remember the exact moment she sold out her Catholic faith for the cause of liberalism, but her article pretty much confirms it.

Not once does she mention the fact that “pro-choice” means giving license to people to willfully and wantonly slaughter innocent babies, that the men who run the church don’t need to be women to make critical moral judgments when it comes to things like abortion and murder, and that Sister McBride grievously erred in her professional judgment, because an abortion wasn’t necessary in that case, at all.

Marin also fails to mention that Personal PAC’s honoring the rape victim is merely a crass political ploy … payback for the “victim’s” willingness to act as a “poster girl” for Illinois abortion rights during Quinn’s campaign.

She (Goodman) wasn’t pregnant, and at this point, I’m beginning to doubt that she was actually raped! This IS after all, Illinois, the home state of Obama, Ryan, Resco, Blagoyevich, Daley, Durbin, and the Madigans. Stranger things have indeed, happened!

Making an emotional plea in the face of irrefutable facts to the contrary is a time-honored liberal tactic, one that works especially well in the Land of Lincoln. Marin knows that, and she has done it many, many times before, shilling for the powers that be.

If Marin or Quinn show up at my church and try to go to communion, they better bring their hand-picked, liberal, bought and paid for, Oak Park priest with them, because according to Canon 915 and Canon 212, there’s absolutely no reason why any Catholic should permit such an open, public scandal (and desecration) to take place.

A much more valid criticism of the bishops is that they’ve waited much too long to take scandalous Catholics like Marin, Quinn, Daley, Durbin, et al, to task.

When you let these guys get away with doing bad stuff for so long, their consciences get twisted, their hearts get hardened, they become emboldened, and it becomes almost impossible to correct them.

Just another example of widespread corruption and high-level stinkin’ thinkin’ in the Land of Lincoln!

Illinois Governor Quinn publicly admonished by Cardinal George about his support for abortion groups

“We deeply regret the governor’s decision to present this award, which so closely associates him with a political action group whose purpose is contrary to the common good,” the bishops’ statement said. “With this action, Gov. Quinn has gone beyond a political alignment with those supporting the legal right to kill children in their mother’s wombs to rewarding those deemed most successful in this terrible work.”


Editor’s note: Look for a coming op-ed piece from the likes of someone like Obama chief of staff William Daley, taking the Cardinal to task for this public rebuke.

Cardinal George restores Fr. Pfleger to St. Sabina

Ending a weeks-long standoff, Cardinal Francis George lifted his suspension of the Rev. Michael Pfleger on Friday after the two men met and Pfleger apologized for statements the cardinal took as a threat to leave the priesthood.


“Civil Unions” typify what the Apostle Paul called “The Mystery of Iniquity.”

Inspired by yesterday’s column at TomRoeser.com:

Tom Roeser praised Cardinal George for his tireless advocacy against the Illinois civil unions bill, while taking to task the late Cardinal Bernardin, who, to a great degree, remains largely responsible for getting us into this mess, in the first place.

But the main subject of this post is “The Mystery of Iniquity” of which St. Paul writes:

2Th 2:1-12  And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and of our gathering together unto him:  That you be not easily moved from your sense nor be terrified, neither by spirit nor by word nor by epistle. As sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.

Remember you not that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?  And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time.

For the mystery of iniquity already worketh: only that he who now holdeth do hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed: whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: him Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power and signs and lying wonders: And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.

The question (mystery) is: If God is unalterably opposed to certain particular types of evil, then why does he even permit it? Why doesn’t he simply eliminate the people who commit murder, practice sodomy, oppress the poor, and defraud working people of their wages?

One possible answer: If God, according to his own very high standards, chose to withhold his grace and subsequently eliminate all of these things, would there be anyone still left alive on earth?

To better understand this admittedly mysterious passage, go here and scroll down to the footnotes.