Is the Pope Catholic?

Pope Francis Hosts Argentine Jewish leaders For Kosher Lunch At Vatican

Editor’s note: Now the whole lot of these guys get to go out and give totally self-serving interviews about what they think  Pope Francis might have said – or meant – or might have meant to say during their exclusive little get together.  Rabbi Skorka – the Pope’s semi official designated Jewish “handler” – is already making a career of that.

Obtuse “Spirit of Vatican II” is still confusing high level church prelates

Cardinal Kurt Koch assumes that his interpretation of Vatican Council II is the only one and all of us should accept it.

When the SSPX says they reject Vatican Council II they mean they reject the Koch-liberal version. When they say that they affirm ecumenism and inter religious dialogue according to Tradition, they mean they affirm in reality the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

There can be no known cases of Orthodox Christians or Protestants saved in imperfect communion, the seeds of the Word or a good conscience etc as the liberal version claims.

In a a press conference on Tuesday in Vienna Cardinal Koch, the President of the Vatican Council for ecumenism said the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX) needs to accept Vatican Council II, as if, implying that he and his Vatican office for ecumenism does so.They do not accept the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

The cardinal cannot provide references from Vatican Council II to support his liberal interpretation with reference to ecumenism.

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