“When they (Hispanic Catholics) come to Canada or the U.S., they help to restore or save a Christian culture … they must bring and keep their religious identity, and enrich us with their faith.”

Vatican City, Dec 12, 2012 / 04:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The message of Our Lady of Guadalupe promotes a culture of life and is at the center of the New Evangelization of the Americas, said Cardinal Marc Ouellet at a conference in Rome.

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Editor’s note: It appears that Jesus sent his mother to Mexico in the 16th century, in order to shore up the dwindling faith of the 21st century North and South American Catholic Church.

Catholic Cardinal in Canada Under Fire for Opposing Abortion in Cases of Rape

Quebec City, Quebec (LifeNews.com) — A Canadian Catholic cardinal is under fire for saying abortion should still be opposed in the cases of rape and incest because it involves the killing of an unborn child. Over the weekend, Marc Cardinal Ouellet of the Archdiocese of Quebec City made the remarks.

Ouellet applauded the Harper government for its recent stance against using taxpayer funds to pay for abortions abroad.

He then described abortions as a moral crime in every case, including when a woman is a victim of sexual assault. The Catholic Church has long held that there is no justification for killing a baby before birth, even when the child was conceived through rape or incest.

“Why should we push a woman who has been the victim of a crime to commit one of her own?” he said.

“I understand very well that a woman who’s been raped is dealing with trauma and that she needs to be helped. But she needs to do so with respect for the being that is in her womb. It is not responsible for what happened. It’s the rapist who is responsible. But there’s already a victim. Do we need to have another one?” he added.

He said taking a human life “is always a moral crime.”

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