Suggested Lenten Reading Plans

1.     Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan (read selections from several of the Church Fathers; each day during Lent, except Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

2.     Lives of the Great Saints Lenten Reading Plan (read the lives of the great saints – as related by Pope Benedict XVI – of the Medieval to Early Renaissance periods; each day during Lent, including Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

3.     Father Faber and Cardinal Newman Lenten Reading Plan (read daily selections from the writings of Fr. Faber on the virtue of kindness, and Cardinal Newman’s meditations on Christian hope and the Resurrection of Christ; each day including Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

4.     St. John Mary Vianney Lenten Reading Plan – in honor of the Year for Priests (read daily selections from the catecheses, exhortations, and sermon excerpts of the Patron Saint for parish priests; each day including Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

Compiled by Fr. Jerabek

Submitted by Nancy W.

Sobering words from the past: John Henry Cardinal Newman writes about the end.

“How shall we feel when the end comes, if we be found mere children of this world and of its great cities; with tastes, opinions, habits, such as are found in its cities; with a heart dependent on human society, and a reason moulded by it! What a miserable lot will be ours at the last day, to find ourselves before our Judge, with all the low feelings, principles, and aims which the world encourages; with our thoughts wandering (if that be possible then), wandering after vanities; with thoughts which rise no higher than the consideration of our own comforts, or our gains; with a haughty contempt for the Church, her ministers, her lowly people; a love of rank and station, an admiration of the splendour and the fashions of the world, an affectation of refinement, a dependence upon our powers of reason, an habitual self-esteem, and an utter ignorance of the number and the heinousness of the sins which lie against us!”

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