Cardinal O’Malley sounds more and more like a disciple of the late Senator Ted Kennedy

“We must build a civilization of love, or there will be no civilization at all,” said Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, at a Mass for the repose of the souls of those killed in the Marathon bombing. So far, so good. But then the wheels came off.

Pointing to sources of the “culture of death,” the cardinal mentioned individualism, alienation, abortion, violent films, and video games. He decried the death penalty. And then this:

The inability of the Congress to enact laws that control access to automatic weapons is emblematic of the pathology of our violent culture.

What’s wrong with that statement? Let me count the ways:

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Observations of an outspoken critic of the Boston interfaith prayer service

Regarding the various politicians and clergy who were invited to speak at Boston’s Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, writer Thomas A. Droleskey observes :

It is no wonder that Ronne Friedman did not acknowledge Sean O’Malley as Friedman is an anti-Catholic bigot. He is a Christophobe. Nancy Taylor is just as much an anti-Catholic bigot as Ronne Friedman. Yet it is that they were permitted to speak at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross even though their very presence in the sanctuary of this once proud Catholic cathedral where so many thousands of true Masses were offered to God for His greater honor and glory as the very Sacrifice of the Cross was perpetuated in an unbloody manner was itself an act of mocking the Holy Cross and the Divine Redeemer upon which our sins fastened Him.

You might also like to know who one of Ronne Friedman’s congregants is. Sure, let me inform you. He is the brother of the 2004 nominee of the organized crime family of the naturalist “left,” the pro-abortion, pro-perversity then United States Senator and current United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry, at whose nominating convention in Boston, Massachusetts, nine years ago Ronne Friedman prayed to the devil:

Also yesterday, the invocation was given by Rabbi Ronne Friedman of Temple Israel in the Fenway. Kerry’s brother — attorney Cameron F. Kerry, a convert to Judaism — is a member of Temple Israel.

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Cardinal O’Malley blogs from the Vatican

Cardinal Sean O’Malley has posted an account of his first days at the Vatican for the farewell to Pope Benedicxt and the election of his successor. Along with meeting with the pope and cardinals, he was with a throng of people in St. Peter’s Square when the papal helicopter departed for Castello Gondolfo.

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It’s pretty bad in Boston.

First the Archdiocese was allowing Mass for the purpose of celebrating and commemorating Gay Pride at St. Cecilia’s in Boston. Then they said it had to be cancelled, but there would be a Mass in the future to welcome the community, but not specifically gays and lesbians. Now, the “Mass marking gay pride is back on” with the full endorsement of the archdiocese.  This hit the Monday morning news after Catholic bloggers including us revealed how for years St. Cecilia’s has been sponsoring speakers who support gay marriage, in direct opposition to Catholic teachings.

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Cardinal Sean O’Malley on Fatima, JPII, Muslims

US Cardinal Sean O’Malley told scores of thousands of pilgrims in Portugal that Our Lady of Fatima had spared Pope John Paul II’s life from an assassin’s bullet so that he could help “topple the Iron Curtain” of Soviet communism.


Editor’s note: Now … who do we have to shoot to fix the malevolent “Spirit of Vatican II”?

It just gets curiouser and curiouser!


One of the most senior Catholic pro-life activists in the United States, American Life League President Judie Brown thinks so. Brown, appointed by Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy for Life, said of the Kennedy funeral affair: “The entire travesty, from the television cameras to spectacle itself, goes beyond anything I have witnessed in my more than 65 years of life. In fact, while we all thought the appearance of President Barack Obama at the University of Notre Dame was a scandal, the very idea that he offered a eulogy in a basilica, while the real presence of Christ was in the tabernacle, is perhaps the most dastardly thing I have ever seen.”

Matthew 24:15  When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.

No Abortion Coverage by Boston Archdiocese, but Questions Remain

The Catholic Action League noted that five of the nine members of Caritas Christi’s board of governors had been substantial donors to politicians who support abortion, including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Al Gore, and Barack Obama. Doyle: “No one should be surprised that Caritas Christi is prepared to participate in a state contract requiring abortion coverage, when the leadership of the organization is willing to subsidize and perpetuate the careers of politicians who believe that abortion should be legal, publicly funded and unrestricted.”

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