What you can do now to stop the passage of Obamacare

The USCCB is running editorials, and today is running ads in major newspapers urging the Congress to OPPOSE the pro-abortion bill.

We are also in direct contact with members of the Stupak Coalition and are assisting them with resources within the Church and in districts where undecided votes remain.

What you can do now

Finally, I have three last things you can do to fight against this horrendous bill.

  1. I have two new Congressmen to call. These pro-life Democrats are sitting right on the fence. Call Rep. Jason Altmire at (724) 226-1304 and call Rep. John Boccieri at (330) 489-4414. With so many people calling Congress, you might have difficulty getting through to them. I didn’t say this was going to be easy.
  2. Visit CatholicVoteAction.org for our primer: “Why the Senate bill must be opposed.”
  3. Pray.


Why the Senate bill must be stopped

by Joshua Mercer on March 18th, 2010

1. The Senate bill provides up to $11 billion for Community Health Centers. Read the factsheet by the USCCB for why this money will pay for abortions.

2. Sister Mary Ann Walsh explains why the Senate bill ends a decades-long prohibition of federal funding of abortion.

3. Cardinal Dinardo, Bishop Westen and Bishop Murphy explain that the current bill also lacks conscience protections for doctors and nurses who don’t want to participate in abortions and other procedures that violate their faith.

4. Some, like Prof. Jost, claim the Senate bill isn’t pro-abortion. USCCB gives a point-by-point answer to Prof. Jost.

Other important links:

A. Cardinal George’s statement answering the Catholic Health Association: “The Cost is too High; the Loss is too Great”

B. The one-page factsheet from the USCCB explaining how the Senate bill covers abortion.

C. The factsheet explaining the Stupak Amendment.