“The unborn child is a human being, not a blob of tissue, and abortion is an act of violence.”

A group that opposes abortion is visiting local colleges this week.

Demonstrators are using some shocking images to get their point across, and that’s caused one school to ban the group from campus.

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Campus outreach empowers young couple to choose life: “I’m not going to kill my daughter or son.”

From the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform:

Columbus, OH – Mar. 22, 2011 – “I’m not going to kill my daughter or son,” the Florida International University (FIU) student declared.  He then admitted that just moments before, when he and his pregnant girlfriend had approached CBR’s campus outreach exhibit, they were considering having an abortion.  After viewing the images and encountering CBR volunteer Thama, that option became unthinkable.

The man turned to his girlfriend: “We need to talk.”

Had this young couple not encountered the exhibit, their preborn child could have been scheduled today for an abortion.  CBR’s combination of the graphic truth of abortion and respectful conversation works.

Even students who disagree with CBR’s message can appreciate the effectiveness of our display.  FIU’s student newspaper quoted law student Oren Reich as saying, “I’m pro-choice, but think the exhibit was honest, compelling and non-offensive.  Comparisons to genocide are appropriate considering their beliefs, and gory imagery is appropriate as well, just as I would use it for an anti-war demonstration.”

To view pictures of the outreach at FIU, click here.

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