Report from “a fly on the wall” at a recent pro-abortion meeting

On Thursday, Sep. 15, Planned Parenthood of North Texas hosted a presentation by Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, to discuss their lawsuit against the state of Texas’s new sonogram law. The event, called “Trust Texas Women,” was held at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, and I attended, ostensibly as a concerned pro-choicer, although no one asked me my affiliation.

I had to RSVP beforehand, and I did so, using my real first and last name and email address. When I arrived, I was checked in by a smiling woman and ushered toward free refreshments. Another smiling woman, nibbling a cookie, complimented my cowboy boots. Someone else said she liked my tattoo – a large, black state of Texas on my arm. I thanked them both, wondering if they could smell the pro-life on me, but despite being younger and blonder than most of the people there, I seemed to attract no undue attention. Only seconds later, someone else came and ushered us into the sanctuary, where approximately 50 or so other people, mostly women, were already seated.

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Pro Abort Mother’s Day Message: Killing babies is the key to world peace.

Barkley Stuart, a man who is on the board of directors for the Center for Reproductive Rights, sent out a fundraising email asking for donations, saying, “My mother, Martha Rose Stuart was a tenacious, loving, and very passionate woman. In her honor, I’m proud to make a special contribution to the Center for Reproductive Rights this Mother’s Day. I hope you will join me with a gift in honor of your mother and mothers everywhere today.”

Stuart thanked his mother for teaching him about destroying girls in abortions, saying, “My mother taught me that without reproductive freedom for all women, the world would never be at peace. I fervently believe that still today. That’s why I’m proud to serve on the Board of Directors at the Center for Reproductive Rights. I do this work for my mother, but also for my teenage daughter, Josephine.”