A shining moment of grace in a divided Capitol

The Miracle of Father Kapaun, my second book, was off the presses and in our hands on March 26, only 15 days before President Barack Obama handed the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Chaplain Emil Kapaun’s family at the White House.

That’s crazy good luck, publishing a story just as the president elevates your story subject as a national hero. But it was no surprise to my co-author, Travis Heying, or to me.

We started the story by seemingly sheer coincidence, shortly after the Army revived Father Kapaun’s Medal of Honor investigation after 55 years. We overcame problems with almost no effort. We talked to former prisoners of war and researched Father Kapaun off and on for five years, and every time we ran into one of those problems that kills a complex project, the problem would go away in some weird and wonderful way. This was a story that seemed to be kissed by the angels.

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Mayor Rahm (“da Bomb”) Emanuel’s choice of words could have been better.

Officiating at the Millenium Park Civil Unions Ceremonies (mostly for homosexuals):

Mayor Emanuel told the couples they were embarking on a fruitful journey and gave them his blessing. He also officiated at the civil union of one of his top advisers and the union of his human relations commissioner Mona Noriega to her partner Evette Cardona.

Editor’s note: Is this Mayor Rahm’s attempt at humor … or simply a bad choice of words? And what about that “blessing”? Is Rahm a priest of some kind? If so, we appear to have a violation of the separation of church and state. Film at 10 (ABC7 Chicago).