Day one of the Chicago area “Face the Truth” Tour

We had an excellent first day of the Tour.

God is good, the weather fantastic. The boys and I were approached by a man wanting to know our feelings about a women who became pregnant by rape. He knew of a 14 year old girl who was gang raped by her father’s friends, while her father did nothing.

As terrible as the story is, it has little to do with the killing of her baby. I told him that killing her child will only add to the pain and horror, it may also leave her sterile, and could have other affects on her such as breast cancer, psychological damage or even death!.

I wish I told him that by killing the baby, you are only enabling the perpetrators to do the same. He didn’t want to hear it. Eventually, I started following him until he turned and went into a liquor store. Later, I thought to myself, why didn’t this man get the police involved? He seemed so concerned. Mercy!

Other than that, a great lunch was provided by St. Mary’s in Plainfield. Tomorrow will be a great day in Aurora/Naperville!

Photo and text submitted by Nancy W.

Complete Listing of Chicago Area Divine Mercy Sunday (5/1/2011) Devotions

Click here for complete listings (PDF)

Submitted by Chuck H.

Hey, frustrated Father Corapi fans! Free tickets available for April 30th, Chicago area, Real Catholic TV/Michael Voris event.

Of course, nobody can take the place of Father John Corapi. But until Father comes back, we faithful Catholics must carry on!

Ask Me About God Catholic Ministries is offering free tickets to the upcoming April 30, “The Majesty of the Catholic Faith” appearance by Michael Voris, of Real Catholic TV. (Location: Pheasant Run Hotel, 4051 East Main Street, St. Charles, IL. Starts at 9 am.)

A limited number of free tickets are available, while they last, to anyone who had tickets for the canceled, March 26th, Father Corapi, De Kalb event. Tickets for the all day event are also available for purchase at $15.00/person or $30.00/family.

Simply email Doug Lawrence at Ask Me About God, stating how many free tickets you need, and/or how many tickets you would like to purchase. And don’t forget to include your mailing address and phone number.

Click here for more information

Make a day of it!

List of various Chicago Area Divine Mercy Services scheduled for the Sunday after Easter

Complete list (PDF file)

Submitted by Chuck H.

Young, Dynamic, Experienced Pro-Life Speakers Available



Jamie and Calvin both recently participated in the CrossRoads Walk Across America for Pro-Life.

Both are excellent young speakers and great role models for our youth. They are located in the Chicago area, and are available to speak out for pro-life with a positive, interesting, entertaining and inspiring message that is appropriate for all age groups.

A self-running slide show of the “walk” is also available on CD or DVD.

Please contact me for more information: