Let’s hope this doesn’t get to be a habit!


by Doug Lawrence

A good friend recently sent us a Christmas card, along with an enclosed, thoughtful little gift.

To show our appreciation, I decided to enclose in his Christmas card, a gift card to a local restaurant that he was known to frequent.

I was at the store, selecting the gift card, when I happened to mention to a fellow shopper what a nice surprise it was to receive the card and enclosed gift from our friend – and that I wanted to properly reciprocate – and that’s why I was taking a bit more time than usual to pick out my gift card.

My fellow shopper replied (with a straight face, and as far as I know, was being totally serious), “Let’s hope this idea of sending little gifts to each other doesn’t get to be a habit!”


Things like this always remind me of the day my mom sternly cautioned my taxi-cab driver brother, “Now don’t go picking up any strangers!”

You can’t make this stuff up.

gift box photo: Ebay

taxi cab picture: clipartlord.com

Take some time out to enjoy a beautiful animated on-line Christmas Card

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