Megan Hodder was a young, avid reader of the New Atheists, but her life changed when she read the work of their Catholic foes

I looked for absurdities and inconsistencies in the Catholic faith that would derail my thoughts from the unnerving conclusion I was heading towards, but the infuriating thing about Catholicism is its coherency: once you accept the basic conceptual structure, things fall into place with terrifying speed.

“The Christian mysteries are an indivisible whole,” wrote Edith Stein in The Science of the Cross: “If we become immersed in one, we are led to all the others.”

The beauty and authenticity of even the most ostensibly difficult parts of Catholicism, such as the sexual ethics, became clear once they were viewed not as a decontextualised list of prohibitions, but as essential components in the intricate body of the Church’s teaching.

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More proof that women priests in the Catholic Church would not improve things, in the least.


It was sad to read the public comments of the Episcopal Bishop of Washington (Ms. Budde) denying the importance, or need for the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the dead,  going so far as to imply this teaching was “outlandish. ”


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Coming soon to a school near you: Students try to banish Catholic priest from campus for telling the truth about homosexuality.

Two gay seniors at George Washington University say they feel alienated because the chaplain at George Washington’s Newman Center rejects homosexuality, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

The seniors, Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, have announced a coordinated campaign to rid the campus of the Roman Catholic priest, reports The GW Hatchet, the school’s independent student newspaper.

They also assert that 12 or more students have quit the Newman Center in recent years because they can’t tolerate Father Greg Shaffer’s ardent anti-gay and, for the record, anti-abortion — beliefs.

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Editor’s note: All that money spent on college tuition and these two allegedly Catholic students are unable/unwilling to read and/or understand the Catechism. Maybe Cardinal Dolan can find a way to accommodate them?

Is Tax Exemption the New Thirty Pieces of Silver?

Pope Pius XI and the future Pope Pius XII warned Germany about this madman.

Will Catholic bishops warn America about the madmen running for office this November?

Before November, America Needs It’s Own “Mit Brennender Sorge”

Or is Tax Exemption the New Thirty Pieces of Silver? 


by Dr. Peter Frey

(Posted August 28, 2008 Throughout history, there have been repeated clashes between the Catholic Church and secular governments of one form or another. In several cases, priests and bishops stood up courageously to challenge an all-powerful despotism. Two English bishops, St Thomas Becket and St John Fisher, did this at the cost of their lives: Becket for defending the temporal rights of the Church versus King Henry II, Fisher the lone prelate to oppose the usurpation of Church power by Henry VIII by opposing his adulterous marriage. In the twentieth century, a similar clash developed between the Church and Nazi Germany.

The venerable and courageous Pope Pius XI drafted an encyclical with the title “Mit Brennender Sorge” (“With burning concern”) addressed to the German episcopate. The actual author was the then Secretary of State, Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII. Written in German, rather than Latin as was customary, the encyclical condemned the racist and pagan atheism of the Nazi regime, and the exaltation of the state or the “Volk” above God and Church. The document was smuggled into Germany and was read from the pulpit of every German church at Mass on Passion Sunday, 1937. Thus the Pope’s views on the totalitarian state were made known PUBLICLY. No German Catholic could claim ignorance of the Church’s teaching, nor did it leave any “wiggle room” for equivocation or “misunderstanding.” Reading it at Sunday Mass was a dramatic method to inform German Catholics. It caused a huge reaction across the country, and quite obviously enraged Hitler and his regime, which then began an intense persecution of the Church.

Today in the United States, there is another conflict between the stated views of society on important issues, the most important of which are abortion and homosexuality versus the teachings of the church. Ever since the Roe vs. Wade court decision, American society has created a “right” for women to “choose” an abortion. Several states have passed laws changing the concept of holy matrimony beyond its God-defined end as between one man and one woman. In Catholic moral teaching, NO ONE, and no state has any authority over the moral order or the natural law. Thus American society and the Roman Catholic Church are on a collision course.

What is most alarming is the fact that, unlike Nazi Germany, we live in a free society, where the citizen can exercise his rights, where open elections are held, and where civic responsibility is part of our national heritage. With the Church’s teaching being very well known, with instant media access, no one in America can claim not to know what is going on concerning these important civil and moral issues.

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