Why is the Catholic Church’s most controversial teaching something that — suddenly — can be affirmed in the secular, public sphere without fear?

We stood up. The net result of the Bishops’ hardass response, the preaching directed against the mandate in parishes across the country, and the blogosphere’s immature and shrill cry of outrage was this: We are winning, and not just the battle, but hearts along with it.

The fact that something as obviously wrong as the HHS mandate happened should be no surprise. In fairness to the Administration, from a brief look of the Catholic Church in America, one may not have known She is still in opposition to the use of artificial contraception.

I do not simply speak of the massive level of dissent over the Church’s teaching, I speak of the general lack of confrontation the issue gets from the pulpit, whether the Bishop’s or the parish priest’s. I know it’s easier said than done, and perhaps I speak out of place, but please, priests: When 83% of your flock are in sin, it is your duty to address the issue.

Will parishioners walk out on you? Without a shadow of doubt, for the Gospel is a piercing sword at times. But as the net result of standing against the HHS mandate has — thus far — been an outpouring of support and good, so will be the result of an organized stand against the stupidity of artificial contraception.

We have learned the power of saying firmly what we believe, and not giving a damn what the world thinks of it. Let us now use it to confront the heart of the modern world — our miserable view of the human body, our utter boredom with the act of sex, and our hostility towards new life.

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Seen on the web: AIDS a “self-inflicted wound”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue called AIDS a “self-​inflicted wound” and claimed that if homosexuals followed the teachings of the Church they would not “self-​destruct.”


Editor’s note: The first two paragraphs of the linked article report the truth. The balance of the article consists of nothing more than pro-homosexual propaganda, in which truth is sorely lacking.

Interview with priest who was sanctioned by his bishop for teaching that homosexual acts are wrong.

The local, and even national, “controversy” that has engulfed me is due to the fact that I have been vocal in promoting what the Roman Catholic Church teaches in regard to the whole issue of homosexuality. It’s a disgrace, but the City Council of El Paso has been adamant in trying to legitimize same-sex unions. This goes completely contrary to Catholic Church teaching.

I’ve made it clear to the Catholics of El Paso (and beyond) that every single Catholic has a moral obligation before God Himself to oppose any government attempt to legalize homosexual unions. A Catholic who fails to oppose this homosexual agenda, is committing a grave sin by omission. Furthermore, if a Catholic doesn’t assent to the infallible moral teaching of the Church that homosexual acts are mortally sinful, then such a Catholic is placing himself / herself outside of communion with the Church.

These are the Catholics who are actually excommunicating themselves, not the Society of St. Pius X!

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Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Siegel of the Diocese of Joliet: The Church must continue to point out our teaching…”

Bishop Siegel, suggested that the many Presidential appointments of Catholics who oppose the right to life is a “very sad” situation.  It is, he said, “Not living out faith authentically. Not witnessing in the public forum to their faith”

“Can’t have it both ways,” he added.  The Church must, he said continue to “point out our teaching, keep it firm, saying this is what it means to be a faithful Catholic.”

“If you’re not abiding by that, not legislating that way, not supporting that, then it’s hard to play yourself as a faithful Catholic,” added Bishop Siegel. “If you’re not following something essential as the Gospel of life and the teachings on life.”

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Five Things That I Don’t Know How Non-Catholics Live Without

1. The Sacraments.

The Eucharist wins this one, obviously. How many religions do you know of where there’s a room you can go to, pretty much any time you want, and God is waiting there—like, physically—hoping you’ll stop in and talk to Him?

Confession is a close second. It’s a pain in the neck, it’s embarrassing, and there’s always some mantilla’d old lady who is taking way longer than she obviously needs to, but nothing beats this moment: the one time in ten when you go in there, whether you’ve done something epically stupid or just pedestrian stupid, and realize that behind the screen—if it dropped suddenly, you’d see Him—is Jesus himself, listening and understanding. Melancholic that I am, I sometimes need actual permission to feel okay about everything, and when Jesus/the priest says “go in peace,” then brother, I’ve got it. Actually, that brings us to:

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Welcome to Sodom on the Potomac!


Q: Why is the Catholic Church attempting to blackmail the Washington DC government over gay rights?

A: You have things backwards.

The Catholic Church has been saving the government huge sums of money by using public funds to administer programs for the homeless and the disadvantaged.

But the Church cannot and will not change its’ teachings to suit a corrupt government.

So if administering public funds means the Church has to change its’ teachings, than the Church must withdraw.

It’s really that simple.

Welcome to Sodom on the Potomac!

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