Their birthdays – and their lives – were most cruelly and brutally stolen

The Pro-Life Action League, along with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Priests for Life has announced the “National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children” to take place on Saturday, September 14, 2013. It is meant to honor the unborn at the grave sites where they are buried.

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-life Action League, stated, “It’s sobering to realize that grave markers for the unborn victims of abortion list only a date of burial. They have no birthdays because they were never allowed to be born. We can list no date of death, because those who killed them discarded their bodies like garbage. But they are not garbage to us. They are our brothers and sisters. That’s why we buried them, and that’s why we visit their graves to mourn for them and testify to their humanity.”


Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society accurately describes the grisly work of Planned Parenthood

An abortion clinic is a place of death, a place where innocent human beings are annihilated by violence—ripped from their mothers’ wombs and literally thrown away. Abortion is a horrific injustice. As long as PP promotes this injustice, let alone actually committing it, any Planned Parenthood facility that causes the deaths of innocent human beings must be opposed.

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Chicago, April 2nd: Evening of Tribute to Joe Scheidler

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Over 1000 Attend Funeral Rites for 17 Aborted Infants Thrown In Trash

Glorious—Moving—an Inspiration are words that  only begin to describe the funeral rites held Saturday, November 20th  for 17 victims of abortion—whose remains were pulled from the Womans Choice abortion clinic trash dumpster earlier this year.

More than 1000 mourners packed St. Mary’s Cathedral in Lansing, MI as Bishop of Lansing, Earl Boyea presided at the funeral Mass with several other priests con-celebrating with him.  An honor guard of 50 Knights of Columbus and seventeen children carrying roses were part of the opening procession.

The remains of the infants were placed inside a single, pure white coffin, reflecting both the innocence and the human dignity of the aborted babies.

Immediately after Mass a funeral procession—two miles long, with a police escort, made its way through the streets of Lansing, past the State Capitol to nearby St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

Several hundred people gathered at the gravesite as Bishop Boyea conducted the burial rite.

This ceremony afforded the opportunity for anyone who suffered the loss of a child to place a red rose on the aborted babies’ coffin.  Children assembled in a circle around a basket and helped release a white homing dove—which flew away as a sign of peace and hope.

When the white infant coffin was lowered into the ground, children gathered all around and then, taking turns, they even helped shovel dirt into the grave.

At last, these 17 victims of abortion were laid to rest.

Photos by Rich Mucha

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