Liberalism: the Substitute for Thought and Religion.

Ignorance of religion and the classics…constituting bad education from the multi-versities which were founded to set it right…has built up in this country a vapid liberalism of relativistic precepts…a liberalism that has polluted the wellsprings of much of contemporary journalism. It is not only that many of the liberal journalists of today have abandoned religious verities for the shifting sands of uncertainty that run through their commentaries.

It is that the teachings of the elders of philosophy are not known as well.  Aristotle’s Politics begins with a division of what the great sage saw as varied governments.  Reviewing them we find it very refreshing in view of what we have in this country…or what we have allowed to transgress this country.
He says: There is a six-fold collection of governments. Now hold on to your seats. If one person rules for the common good, it is called kingly rule.

If one person rules for his own self-aggrandizement and cares not what happens to the country, it is called tyranny.
If few rule for the true common good, it is called an aristocracy.
If few rule for their own advantage it is called an oligarchy.

Listen now:
If many rule for the sake of the true common good, it is called a polity.
And if a majority rules for the sake of their own selfish aggrandizement, it is called a democracy.
Aristotle takes the view that a majority can be as foolish, insensitive or tyrannical as any tyrant or oligarch.  I think that is what we have here today.

Therefore he concludes  that unalloyed democracy is a perversion.
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