Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has “a lovely photograph of Hillary Clinton — not only a signed one, but with a message.”

The Boston Globe interviews Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin about the clergy abuse scandal in Ireland:

Q. It sounds as if you think the pope understands what is happening here?

I’ve talked to the pope . . . Maybe I’m too pessimistic. I don’t know if any of the other bishops would say things in those terms. It may be that it’s different in rural Ireland. Dublin is the capital city. It’s a cultural center, it’s a media center, it’s a big European city. On the other hand, there are bishops in Ireland who have never ordained a priest. So… the idea that there’s a sort of holy rural Ireland where everybody goes to Mass on Sunday and a secularized Dublin, a pagan city — that isn’t the case . . .

Ireland is not culturally isolated anymore, and it hasn’t been for years. The question I asked (in a recent speech at Cambridge University) was, ‘Is the Irish church ready for that type of cultural change and ecclesial change?’ The answer was it wasn’t. It was too self-assured, the bishops were too protective, and the people had already gone ahead of them.

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Editor’s note: I don’t know about you, but I would love to see Hillary’s “message”. Knowing Hillary, it’s probably made out to the Archbishop’s wife or daughter.