Apt description of the clergy abuse crisis?: Not pedophiles, but swishing homosexuals in a target-rich environment.

But the left’s real target—its one obsession, the Moby Dick to its Ahab—is the Catholic Church. That is why the left so celebrated the shocking revelations about perverts in the collar, whom the media misrepresented as “pedophiles” instead of what they are: swishing homosexuals in a target-rich environment. It is the unspoken reason that Buchanan, who states Church teaching forthrightly and without apology, had to go.

The question, of course, is why the left is so obsessed with discrediting and ultimately destroying the Catholic Church. It isn’t because the hierarchy permitted the growth of a homosexual subculture in the priesthood and chanceries. Consider, for the left, what the Church represents. It is not the ineffable fountain Christendom and European civilization. Rather, it is the sewer pipe of white male oppression.

Europeans proselytized the Faith as missionaries, giving the world its artistic, musical, and literary treasures, not least the Mass. In planting the Church everywhere on the globe, those white missionaries “oppressed” the totem-worshiping “native peoples of color,” who in some cases were cannibals or willing participants in orgies of human sacrifice.

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Two priests write about the problem of homosexuality and pederasty.

Matt C. Abbott’s column

That ‘gay priest’ debate… May 7, 2011
A reader recently sent me a link to a commentary titled “Are Gay Priests the Problem?” by author and ABC News religion contributor Father Edward L. Beck, C.P.Father Beck’s commentary, which can be read by clicking here, is problematic in certain respects, so I thought I’d ask Father Richard Perozich of the Diocese of San Diego — a promoter of the Courage Apostolate — if he’d like to respond to Father Beck.Father Perozich graciously emailed me the following response (slightly edited):

Clark, the confessed, self-loathing Catholic from Philadelphia

Back in the day, to be a Catholic school student in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was, by modern standards, to be abused psychologically and physically. Every high school seemed to have at least one priest who was a former Golden Gloves champion and was willing to demonstrate his technique on a prideful student or three. That was part of the mystique, lore, and reality of being a Catholic school kid. And we celebrated it the way Marines celebrate surviving Parris Island.

I think psychiatrists call it the Stockholm syndrome, in which hostages come to identify with and support their captors. They also have a name for the psychological condition manifesting itself in varying degrees among many of us in this room tonight: post-traumatic stress syndrome.

We child soldiers for Christ have been betrayed by our commanders. Most of us are angry or in denial. Some of us are broken.

But what the people who label us “self-loathing Catholics” don’t understand is how much we loved the church. They don’t understand that this awful feeling wasn’t our choice. It was the church that abandoned us. Everybody!

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Some are not happy about announced beatification of the late Pope John Paul II

The Vatican has announced it will beatify Pope John Paul II in a ceremony on May 1.

The announcement is cause for consternation. This is a move to beatify the Pope who promoted a Masonic-styled pan-religious ecumenism, who effectively told the Jews they have their own Covenant independent from Christ, who kissed the Koran, who glorified in rock’n’roll and pagan inculturated liturgies, who appointed faithless and feckless bishops, whose official point-man for Protestants (Cardinal Kasper) publicly said Vatican II did away with the notion that non-Catholics need to convert, who presided over the worst clerical scandal in history, and whose consistent words and actions presented Vatican II as a radical discontinuity with Catholic Tradition.

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