Atheist Penn Jillette defends the Catholic faith against (Catholic) Piers Morgan’s liberal, modernist heterodoxy.


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When you vet the president, you vet the media. And they don’t like the narrative table-turning one bit.

Liberal minority journalists have themselves acknowledged their slavish fealty to Obama and his progressive agenda. During the 2008 campaign, the NABJ, NAHJ and Asian American Journalists Association held a “journalists of color” confab where then-candidate Obama was welcomed with Justin Bieber-style mania. One journalist squealed, “He touched me!” after Obama’s address, which was interrupted multiple times with standing ovations, cheers and whistles by the press.

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CNN blog: Fordham professor misses the whole point about homosexuality and the church

by Doug Lawrence

In a recent opinion piece at CNN, an assistant professor at Catholic, Fordham University, makes an emotional plea for acceptance of homosexuality, based on nothing more than polling, pure emotion, and logic.

I’m sure you know where all this is going.

According to the good professor, the Church is wrong, and homosexuals, along with their sainted mothers and other close family members, must be right!

Only he’s wrong.

Neither God nor human nature has changed, over the last few thousand years. God still maintains what some would describe as ridiculously high standards, suitably tempered by divine mercy … and humans remain the weak-willed, “I want what I want when I want it” creatures, who all too often allow themselves to be ruled by their emotions, and who, as a result, find themselves in a number of very difficult situations.

Homosexuality is merely one of many.

In all of these, the answer lies not in acceptance, but in repentance and transformation, wrought by a combination of a genuine desire to please God, and the power of the grace that God gives to all of us, out of love, so we might personally experience the supernatural peace he extends to the world, through the good offices, worship, devotions, and sacraments of his authentic, universal church.

This is not a perverse and twisted (objectively disordered) type of love and peace … but the type of love that is virtuous, absolutely genuine, and fully worthy of God.

The professor, teaching at a prominent Catholic university, ought to know better, but as they say, “Common sense just isn’t too common, anymore.” And that goes double, maybe triple, for the world of academia.

Life is a struggle, professor … and not just for people of the homosexual persuasion. From the moment we’re born to the moment we die, we struggle against the forces of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Some of us might seem to have heavier crosses to bear than others, but at the very end, comes the true test, by the only Just Judge:

Did you use all that God gave you to make a consistent, good faith attempt to walk the straight path and fight the good fight, or did you, like our father Adam, simply give up and throw-in with the Evil One?

That’s the official “church line” … on homosexuality … and everything else. It always has been. Jesus Christ, his Church, and his grace … not the acceptance of the heavy yoke of grave sin … is the authentic answer to all the problems of the world. Take it or leave it.

Share that with your students, professor. Please!


A last chance for lost souls

CNN can’t tell the difference between a priest and a minister. Can you?

Note to CNN: Florida pastor Terry Jones is a protestant minister, with absolutely no power to act as a priest (and incidentally, according to his particular faith, no personal inclination to do so.

For the record: authentic priests offer sacrifice to God, as a propitiation (atoning sacrifice) for the sins of the world.

These days:

The ONLY acceptable sacrifice is Jesus Christ, in the form of authentic Holy Communion.

The ONLY people capable of consecrating bread and wine, in order that it may be transformed into the body, blood, soul and divinity of the risen Christ, are properly ordained Catholic priests.

Some Orthodox priests, belonging to certain churches that were originally established by one of the original apostles, also have this authority.

A few Protestant denominations (Lutheran, Anglican, Episcopal) do indeed refer to their ministers as priests, but due to their separation from the Catholic Church, they lack valid holy orders and so, with no authority from God, they fall far short, in this regard.

The Rev. Terry Jones represents none of the above groups, and is most certainly NOT a priest.

Please, CNN … try to get things right, in the future.
Your ignorance is showing!

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