The sad state of “higher education”

Almost everything about the modern university is a paradox. It has become a sort of industry gone rogue that embraces practices that a Wal-Mart or Halliburton would never get away with. It is exempt from scrutiny in the fashion that the Left ceased talking about renditions or Guantanamo Bay once Barack Obama was elected, or a Code Pink goes after a NRA official in the way it would never disrupt a hearing on Fast and Furious. In other words, the university is one of the great foundations of the Left, and so is immune from the sort of criticism that otherwise is daily leveled against other institutions.

So let’s take a 10-minute stroll through the campus and learn why costs soar even as students are ever more poorly educated.

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What goes on today at most colleges is offensive and destructive from a moral perspective.

Chiding presidential candidate Rick Santorum for calling America’s colleges “indoctrination mills,” MSNBC host Ed Schultz recently accused Mr. Santorum of citing a “bogus study” from the Cardinal Newman Society.

What’s bogus is MSNBC’s reporting. Mr. Santorum is right about the indoctrination.

What has the liberal media all flustered is Mr. Santorum’s frank criticism of America’s colleges and their frequent hostility toward traditional religious values.

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A Notre Dame student’s personal story about the reality of abortion and choice

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“On campuses all across this country, abortion is the status quo. We need to change that with an unambiguous stand for life, and Notre Dame needs to be in the lead.”

Lacy Dodd, a 1999 graduate of the university, explained in a May 1 essay for the website of the journal “First Things” how she had become pregnant by her boyfriend in the last semester of her senior year at the school.

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