Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium


Looking back at the life’s work of the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, I came across this important document from 1994, which he co-authored along with Charles Colson and a number of other distinguished writers, scholars, theologians, teachers, and preachers … and which remains just as significant today. 

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Quebec’s Quiet Revolution (Almost No Marriage, Few Kids)

Quebec’s Quiet Revolution (Almost No Marriage, Few Kids)
by Charles Colson
March 12, 2008

One of our [readers] recently told us a story that was both fascinating-and disturbing. Her name is Tessa Littlejohn. She is a flight attendant who lives in Ontario. Tessa recently worked with another flight attendant from Quebec, whom I will call Cecile. As they worked, Cecile told Tessa all about her boyfriend, Gerard. Cecile was wearing a ring on her left hand, so Tessa asked her if she was engaged. Cecile blushed. “Actually,” she said, “Gerard and I have been married for two years.”

Then why on earth was she calling Gerard her “boyfriend”? Because, Cecile explained, no one in Quebec gets married anymore. If she referred to Gerard as her husband, Cecile said, “I would sound like an old lady. It would feel too weird.”

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New Book by Charles Colson: “The Faith”


Chuck Colson isn’t Catholic … but he’s close.

Charles Colson has a new book out that attempts to define and explain the fundamental truths that are shared by virtually all Christians.

Then he goes on to present his case, explaining that society wouldn’t be nearly as “messed up” as it is today, if all Christians everywhere, were willing and able to practically and charitably apply, promote, and defend their faith … at home, in the workplace, and in all the various societal and governmental institutions.

Around the first of this year, the Vatican also released a document encouraging widespread evangelization, by all of the faithful, all of the time.

This isn’t as radical as it may sound, but it certainly is counter-cultural, just like authentic Christianity has always been.  

Next time you’re at the bookstore, find a copy of Colson’s book, and thumb through it.

I bet you’ll find a lot of Catholic stuff in there … even if it’s not labeled as such.

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