Comparing the Fundamental Beliefs of Christians and Muslims


Bible vs Quran

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Side by side comparison of Catholic and Non-Catholic?


Q: Side by side comparison of Catholic and Non-Catholic?

A: Catholics received their faith directly from Jesus Christ and the apostles … not from a book.

Only the Catholic Church has Jesus as its’ head and the Holy Spirit as its’ constant advocate and arbiter of all divine truth. The others can’t even agree on whether or not baptism is necessary for salvation.

Catholics compiled and certified the Old Testament, and Catholics wrote the New Testament of the holy book that all the others now claim as their own. Unfortunately, the others still can’t agree among themselves on what it says, or really means.

Catholics have 2000 years of the finest and most complete sytematic theology the world has ever known to guide them in their faith, the bulk of it certified as infallible by the Holy Spirit.

The others have their “preacher of the week”.

Catholics have an authentic chief pastor, occupying a holy office that was personally established by Jesus Christ, while he still walked the earth.

The others have committees.

Catholics have the work, worship, sacraments, devotions, and all the other awesome resources of the only Church that Jesus ever founded, for the purpose of our salvation.

The others have the novel beliefs and practices of their own particular denomination, which was typically started within the last 200 to 500 years, by some disgruntled fellow, for one trumped up reason or another, and with no authority from God, at all.

Most importantly, Catholics enjoy the real and substantial presence of Jesus Christ in the authentic Holy Eucharist. The others get grape juice and a cracker.

The difference? God will be the judge.