Doctor: Abortion patients often end up in ER

“We commonly (I personally probably at least weekly) see patients at Women and Children’s Hospital in our emergency room or our ultrasound center with complications from abortions at these centers in Charleston: so much for ‘safe and legal,’ ” Calhoun wrote to Morrisey. “These patients are told to come to our hospital because the abortion clinic providers do not have hospital privileges to care for their patients, so we must treat them as emergency ‘drop-ins.’ ”

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Former Planned Parenthood employee explains how abortion pills are dispensed over the internet.

Each patient is first examined by a staff member at the remote clinic, then interviewed for a few minutes by a big-city doctor using a video link. Once the doctor determines that the medication would be appropriate, he or she pushes a computer button that opens a drawer in front of the patient. The patient withdraws the pills from the drawer and takes the first dose while the doctor watches. The patient then takes the rest of the pills at home, where she aborts her pregnancy.

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Editor’s note: Killing babies in the womb is not nearly as simple as it might appear. While the abortion pill is typically always fatal for the baby, various complications may also threaten the life of the mother.

George Tiller’s abortions resulted in deaths of moms


George Tiller was not a doctor in any sense of the word. He was a man who possessed a medical degree and chose to degrade those credentials by becoming a late-term abortionist for money and fame. His specialty was the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure and he performed them up until the ninth month of pregnancy. He was one of only three men in this country to perform these abortions in the third trimester. As Bill O’Reilly pointed out on The O’Reilly Factor, Tiller performed over 60,000 late term abortions and made millions of dollars doing it. When America was a nation filled with rational people, 60,000 fetal deaths would have been considered butchery. There has been much criticism of pro-lifers who referred to him as “Tiller the Killer.” Sorry, but that’s exactly what the man did for a living. He killed. And not just babies.

Christin Gilbert was a pregnant 19 year old woman with Down’s Syndrome, and one of at least two women aborted and killed by George Tiller. Christin had been sexually assaulted, and brought to the Women’s Health Care Services when she was 28 weeks pregnant. She died following a botched third trimester abortion procedure, in which two injections of digoxin were administered to the unborn baby’s heart. Christin was supposed to deliver the dead baby in a hotel room, but she developed complications that resulted in sepsis, cardiac arrest and systemic organ failure. She was transported to a local hospital emergency room where she died on January 13, 2005. As of this writing, there are over 21 million search results on Google for “George Tiller” and only 3,520 for Christin Gilbert.

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Former Tiller Abortion Clinic Staffer Tivis Provides a True, “Grisly” Account of Descent Into “Abortion Hell”


On day one the women come into Tiller’s clinic. He does two groups a week of twelve women, so that’s a couple dozen women a week getting a third trimester abortion at that clinic.

They come in. They pay their money in cash and they have a sonogram, first thing and he tells them, “Oh, you’re not that far along.” He’s very happy to take their money. Then the first thing he does to them is he kills that baby, because once that baby is dead, they can’t change their mind and get their money back.

He uses the sonogram—a tool for life—to kill the baby. He uses that to guide the needle into the baby’s heart and he injects it with digoxin, which is a heart medication and it slows the baby’s heart down.

He uses the sonogram—a tool for life—to kill the baby.

The second day, the women come in and they have little group counseling sessions, but they don’t do any counseling until after that baby is already dead. On that second day, they get a second pack of laminaria; they got the first one the first day. They are gradually expanding, dilating the cervix. But it’s dangerous to put more than just a few laminaria, so you’re causing damage to the cervix by doing that. They also start receiving drugs on that second day to stimulate the body to go into labor.

Then on the third day, they come back and he has a room in the basement—that is his labor and delivery room. It is just one big room about 20 feet by 20, or so, maybe a little bit bigger and there’s cots lined up with the head of the cot against the wall. You know how sometimes in a hospital room they will have a little curtain you can pull between the two beds in a shared room? Other than that, those women have no privacy. They are in full view of each other and so there’s twelve women laboring down there to have these babies and they’re so far along, I mean, they are third trimester babies, that they are basically going through just as much, if not more, labor than you would to have a live delivery—Tiller charges them about that much, too.

There was one woman from Southwest Kansas, I wish I knew who she was. Tiller passed this letter around and made all the staff read it, because I guess he thought we were responsible somehow. She had had her third trimester abortion on the advice of her doctor because there was some severe medical problem, but she regretted it and was very, very sorry she had been talked into it. She wrote him a letter and told him it was the most horrible experience of her life.

Although I was not down in the basement for any more than just a few seconds when those women were down there, I got a very vivid description of what actually went on down there from this woman. She said that women were crying and screaming and there was blood everywhere—blood running down their legs and it was just horrible.

. . . women were crying and screaming and there was blood everywhere—blood running down their legs and it was just horrible.

He was so scared. But first let me tell you how tight this man is. He paid me $6.00 an hour and I have a college degree. He is so tight. That woman had paid—and this was back in 1988—$3,000 because it was a complicated procedure. He now charges more than that. He refunded every penny to her, because he was trying to mitigate any damage that might possibly come to him because of her complaint.

On the Fourth day they come back for a check-up and if everything checks out OK they’ll go on home. But there are complications that come up every now and then. I didn’t know about all of them because he didn’t want anyone to know about them if he could help it. I have heard since then that he has had in one week, two or three botches have to go to the hospital. God only knows what happens to those babies that are born alive there.

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