Virtually any government on earth can establish secular charities to serve the carnal needs of their citizens, but only the Catholic Church has the power to offer them eternal salvation of body and soul.


So why is the Catholic Church neglecting their primary mission, which is the the salvation of souls, and placing undue emphasis on non-specific, unrelated and even anti-Catholic charitable work? – Ed.

Cardinal Maradiaga Lays Out the Next Decade of Disaster

…Its the raw triumphalism, something condemned by the Pope, in fact, that has me running for the hills. It is not even liberation theology. It is no theology at all. Jesus Christ is entirely unnecessary to this vision of the Church.

On paper, it seems a bit long-winded and tedious, but listening to it gives me the chills. It’s not what the Cardinal (Maradiaga) has to say about the poor and the Church or the poor Church for the poor or about the social mission of the Church or what the Church can contribute to the political and economic sphere. It’s not that. It’s the very near total exclusion of the Church’s primary reason for Her existence that is deeply disconcerting.

It is about everything but Jesus Christ and the Salvation of souls. It does not even really require Jesus Christ and the Cross upon which He shed His blood at all. It is a perversion of the Catholic Faith. There need be no Heaven, since we’re bringing it down to Earth, if not by force, then by sheer wishful-thinking while the Cardinal ignores the terrible realities that Our Lady of Fatima, even in those secrets that are known to be fully published, explicitly informed us about.

These are, namely, the existence of Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, the reality of Judgment, Divine Justice and, apparently, if rumours of the unpublished, inconvenient secret be true, a Chastisement set upon the earth so devastating that it could outdo the times of Noah, as God presses the ‘reset’ button on mankind in such a manner as to leave the living envious of the dead.

This life, whether we be rich or poor is a preparation for the life to come. If the Church does not have man’s spiritual condition at the top of the Her priorities, not just mankind is threatened, but She Herself, is doomed to irrelevance in every age. Almighty God will judge the poor with equity and knowing we are to be judged by Almighty God, we should treat them with utmost respect and dignity.

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Editor’s note: It would seem the biblical Great Commission would mention the KEY THINGS necessary for the salvation of souls, and to accomplish the primary mission of the Church, according to the will of God – and it does:

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen.
(Matthew 28:18-20)

Teaching is mentioned twice, baptism once, and going out (evangelization) once.

Keeping the above in mind, at what has the post-Vatican II (Reformed) Roman Catholic Church failed the most? Teaching!

The Church is in now in the habit of offering catechesis that is so poor as to be almost useless – and in the United States, it produces a Bible (The New American Bible) that is unfit for reading at Mass, containing so many modernist heresies and mistranslations as to be hazardous to the spiritual health of anyone who might be so unfortunate to read it!

And let’s not forget the many and varied doctrinal problems with Catholic religious orders (especially the Jesuits and the LCWR Sisters) and with “orthodox” Catholic higher education – if such a thing can even still be found to exist.

What else have they miserably failed to do? Evangelization and Baptism!

With only a few notable exceptions, the parish RCIA programs of the one, true church of Jesus Christ in the United States produce an average of less than a handful of new converts, per parish, per year – and most of those are long-badgered relatives of already Catholic husbands and wives, who finally “give in” and take the plunge.

And let’s not ignore the negative effects of false ecumenism, which has already become a venerated institution of the post-Vatican II church, greatly loved and sincerely appreciated by dedicated Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Atheists, Protestants and fallen away Catholics, the world over.

The minuscule number of converts who answer the call of Christ and somehow manage to become Catholic of their own volition would be laughable, if it wasn’t such a great scandal. There is a rumor going around that the Obamacare website was actually based on the Catholic Church’s RCIA program, which could hardly be less effective if it was indeed designed and run by the U.S. Government!

As for “The New Evangelization” … who in their right mind and in good conscience, would invite a friend or loved one into a bass-ackward, scandal ridden, malfunctioning, self-destructive organization that now appears to have more in common with the corrupt faith of the 1st century Jewish Pharisees than the  one, holy, catholic and apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ, for the salvation of souls?

Far from being a new Pentecost (or the much vaunted “new springtime”) the dismal aftermath of the 2nd Vatican Council – in its’ emphasis on man, rather than God – has practically constituted – for the Catholic Church and for the world – a dismal, destructive, second Fall from God’s grace – and it’s high time to turn things around, before it’s too late!

I write this with all due respect to those who haven’t yet been compromised.   

Cardinal Kasper admits many Vatican II documents were “compromised”.

“In many places, [the Council Fathers] had to find compromise formulas, in which, often, the positions of the majority are located immediately next to those of the minority, designed to delimit them. Thus, the conciliar texts themselves have a huge potential for conflict, open the door to a selective reception in either direction.” (Cardinal Walter Kasper,  L’Osservatore Romano, April 12, 2013)


Editor’s note: The “Fathers” should never have approved any such compromised accommodations.

We have sinned, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly, and have revolted: and we have gone aside from thy commandments, and thy judgments. We have not hearkened to thy servants, the prophets, that have spoken in thy name to our kings, to our princes, to our fathers, and to all the people of the land. To thee, O Lord, justice: but to us confusion of face, as at this day to the men of Juda, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, to them that are near, and to them that are far off, in all the countries whither thou hast driven them, for their iniquities, by which they have sinned against thee. O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our princes, and to our fathers, that have sinned. But to thee, the Lord our God, mercy and forgiveness, for we have departed from thee: And we have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord, our God, to walk in his law, which he set before us by his servants, the prophets. And all Israel have transgressed thy law, and have turned away from hearing thy voice, and the malediction, and the curse, which is written in the book of Moses, the servant of God, is fallen upon us, because we have sinned against him. And he hath confirmed his words which he spoke against us, and against our princes that judged us, that he would bring in upon us a great evil, such as never was under all the heaven, according to that which hath been done in Jerusalem. As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: and we entreated not thy face, O Lord our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and think on thy truth. And the Lord hath watched upon the evil, and hath brought it upon us: the Lord, our God, is just in all his works which he hath done: for we have not hearkened to his voice. And now, O Lord, our God, who hast brought forth thy people out of the land of Egypt, with a strong hand, and hast made thee a name as at this day: we have sinned, we have committed iniquity, O Lord, against all thy justice: let thy wrath and thy indignation be turned away, I beseech thee, from thy city, Jerusalem, and from thy holy mountain. For by reason of our sins, and the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem, and thy people, are a reproach to all that are round about us. Now, therefore, O our God, hear the supplication of thy servant, and his prayers: and shew thy face upon thy sanctuary, which is desolate, for thy own sake. Incline, O my God, thy ear, and hear: open thy eyes, and see our desolation, and the city upon which thy name is called: for it is not for our justifications that we present our prayers before thy face, but for the multitude of thy tender mercies. O Lord, hear: O Lord, be appeased: hearken, and do: delay not, for thy own sake, O my God: because thy name is invocated upon thy city, and upon thy people. (Daniel 9:5-19)