Critical Care and Hospital Paperwork: “As the Catholic Church teaches, and my healthcare agent consents if I am unable to consent.”

Currently, in today’s healthcare world, there is a document for medical care that one can sign even before going into the hospital called, “Aging With Dignity: Five Wishes.” [According to the website of Aging with Dignity, the Five Wishes document ” has become America’s most popular living will”.]

There is a section in this document that asks a future patient the following: “If I wish to omit life-support treatment, I write this limitation in the space below,” which is very dangerous.  The problem with this request is that most of us are not good doctors to be able to give such directives.  As a result, it would be possible for us to die based on poor care that we authorized in the first place.  We never can know when new procedures for curing make be discovered, which if used, could give us years of a productive life.  Finally, it is possible that a poor and ambiguous sentence or two in this document could be used by a hospital to force us out so that the hospital can have the bed for another patient.

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Question for those who oppose devotion to the Blessed Virgin?


Q: Considering that her Heavenly Spouse is the Holy Spirit, and that through her intercession many miracles have been wrought, do you not consider your stance to be one that the Pharisees took toward the miracles that Jesus wrought?

Attributing to Satan the works of God is an unforgivable sin. Through her, great things were, are, and will be done. It is God who does these things.

A: Non-Catholics are rarely schooled in understanding the full extent of the mystery of Jesus’ incarnation.

The fact that God would have waited for the consent of a young Jewish girl for permission to send his son into the world, so God could redeem us, is a concept that many people find impossible to accept … even though it is absolutely scriptural and true.

The repercussions of Mary’s voluntary consent are similarly difficult for the unschooled to properly appreciate … especially when the bible spends so little time explaining it for us.

Suffice it to say that God created Mary as a great gift to his son Jesus, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords … and any gift good enough for Jesus should be more than good enough for the rest of us.

Jesus appreciates his mom. He honors her, he respects her, and he recognizes Mary’s essential role in his salvific work … and those who profess to be Christian should try to emulate Jesus, whenever possible.

Anyone who refuses to appreciate this, who attempts to denigrate the character of the Blessed Virgin in order to bring disrepute upon her, upon Catholics, or upon the Catholic Church, disrespects Jesus, and is likely to have a lot of explaining to do, come Judgment Day.

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