In God We Trust: A few other things worth remembering this Memorial Day.


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There’s an extraordinary amount of Judeo-Christian religious tradition incorporated into the design elements of the Nation’s Capitol – especially for a nation that is often portrayed today as “secular”.


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Congressman Ron Paul hits one out of the park…

In a sprawling, 52-minute speech to the House chamber, Paul lambasted U.S. government, politicians and special interests, declaring that the U.S. people must return to virtue before thegovernment allows them to be free, and that the Constitution has failed to limit the scope of an authoritarian bureaucracy.

“Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed,” Paul said. “The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified.”

For the retiring Republican, 77, the “current crisis” isn’t quite what it is for other members of Congress, who routinely use that word to describe the economic recession that followed the 2008 financial crash. To the Texas Republican, that’s part of it, but the causes are deeper, and it’s also a crisis of governmental authoritarianism and the vanishing of personal liberty.

“If it’s not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties,” said Paul, an obstetrician-gynecologist by training.

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The sad State of the Union – 2012

Reflecting now on the Fourth of July 2012, we have to wonder about a regime now manifesting a growing list of abuses to the fundamental nature of human worth. These abuses are put into effect by elected rulers themselves. They are accepted by many citizens who themselves are “democratic” in the classic Greek sense, that in their soul they have little principle of order.

Hence, they have no reason to object to anything on any other basis than that of personal whim or want. The term “unconstitutional” is meaningless. This situation is not a far cry from that list found in the Declaration. In describing these abuses, it read: “He (the King) has made Judges dependent on his Will alone.” “He has refused to assent to Laws.” And “He has combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution.”

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Father Frank Pavone: The Obamacare Mandate must go … or else!

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Catholics vs. commies in Hungary … and the EU is definitely not on the Catholic side.

The media attacks against the current Hungarian Government can thus to a large extent be explained as a culture war against the Christian values that are expressed in the new Constitution. The campaign is led by the defeated ex-communists, who, having been victed from power at home, are now mobilizing their allies in the European Parliament to fight back on their behalf. It is no wonder that one of the first charges against Mr. Orban was that he had “imposed” this new Constitution without duly involving the opposition parties.

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Seen on the web: God and the U.S. Constitution

ElderRS writes:
In our nation, our constitution will be a lifeline to Christians as the culture increasingly becomes hostile to the truth of the gospel.  I believe God was instrumental when the constitution was created, looking forward to this time in history.

VATICAN CITY Constitution, Government and Legislation

The Pope exercises supreme legislative, executive, and judicial power over the Holy See and the State of the Vatican City. The term “Holy See” refers to the composite of the authority, jurisdiction, and sovereignty vested in the Pope and his advisers to direct the worldwide Roman Catholic Church.

As the “central government” of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy See has a legal personality that allows it to enter into treaties as the juridical equal of a state and to send and receive diplomatic representatives.

Created in 1929 to administer properties belonging to the Holy See in Rome, the State of the Vatican City is recognized under international law and enters into international agreements. Unlike the Holy See, it does not receive or send diplomatic representatives.

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Chile’s constitution and whole legal system protects all human life, including the child before birth.

“Chile, the Miners, and Respect for Human Life” is the title of a new video which points out that Chile in many ways is a model for other countries to follow, not only in the case of the recent successful rescue of the 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days. Chile’s constitution and whole legal system protects all human life, including the child before birth.

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It comes down to one word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

…It comes down to one word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Respect for God, our Creator. That’s the fountain of American wisdom from which all else flows.

From respect for God, our Creator, comes respect for each individual that God has made. The foundational principle of American government is that human souls come in only one color, in one type, and at one value. In God’s sight, we are all created equal. And since our very founding, good Americans of all stripes have worked to further this principle.

As if to highlight this fundamental loss of respect for our Creator as the source of citizens’ unalienable rights, our big-government elitist in chief feels perfectly free to simply remove God from the American equal-rights paradigm, as he did when speaking to the Hispanic Caucus last month.

From respect for each individual flows the idea that liberty is a fundamental — unalienable by government — human right. Just as God has given free will to each person, in perfectly equitable manner, respecting man’s ability to choose his own path, so a government made in the image of God’s plan must permit the freedom to succeed or to fail, to prosper or to flounder, and to account for his own life when he faces God at the end of his earthly journey.

If the majority of American citizens want to change our Constitution, if they wish to banish the word “Creator” from our public display of the Declaration of Independence, they have legal ways in which to do this. The states can call a Constitutional Convention to take such steps democratically. Or our elected representatives can propose legal amendments to our Constitution which transform America into a socialist democracy. This is respect for the people’s will.

But Democrats have decided to transform America from the top-down position of tyrants, boldly challenging the people to resist. Our founders were brilliant men who put into our Constitution the legal means to transform this country by purely democratic means. But Barack Obama is not legally empowered to make America into what he thinks it ought to be.

What we have in America today isn’t just a feckless bunch of big spenders running our economy off a cliff. We have a cadre of power-mad folks who have no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution they are sworn to protect.

Respect for the will of the people is the very soul of democracy. Without it, liberty is nothing but a sham.


Fifty of the 55 delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were practicing Christians.

The role Christianity played in the founding period is often a subject of considerable debate, particularly for those on the Left who would want Americans to forget the founding generation. Leftists will often cherry-pick quotations that “show” the founding generation was anti-Christian or at the very least suspicious of religion in public life.

Most often Thomas Jefferson’s “Bible” or James Madison’s views on the “separation of church and state” are held as concrete evidence that all of the members of the founding generation thought the same way. That’s funny, because these same people will often scream things like, “The Founding Fathers never agreed on anything, so you right wingers can’t claim them as your own!” Yet, the question of religion in the founding generation is a nice case study of how that generation generally did agree on fundamental principles.

The question should not be if the founding generation were Christians, because most were, it should be which members of the founding generation are being used as examples.

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Israel already has that of which the Obama administration can only dream: no constitution to worry about!

The modern state of Israel has NO constitution

To propose a constitution, in other words, is to ask the question: What form of sovereignty is higher than that of the present voters? America’s Founders appealed to “nature and nature’s God.” Judaism has an answer to this question, elaborated in the oral and written Torah—however remote they appear, at first consideration, from the practical requirements of the state of Israel.

Judaism is founded on a covenant between God and Israel. Instead of unilaterally imposing his will on Israel, God enters into a relation of mutual obligations with a people. This relation is, in content, not only religious but political and legal, and it is understood in this fashion in the Bible and rabbinic literature, where God is called “the King of all Kings” perhaps more often than by any other appellation.

God, moreover, exercises his kingship through proxies. There are three religious institutions and persons in the biblical polity who are divinely sanctioned: the king, the prophet, and the high priest. But of these three offices, only the term king is routinely applied to human beings as well as to God. This is noteworthy because, of the three, the prophet and high priest hold religious functions while the office of king is largely secular. In the presence of a human king, the following blessing is recited: “Blessed are You, Hashem, our God, King of the Universe, Who has given of His glory to flesh and blood.” A human king thus participates in the glory of God. To see a human king is, in a sense, to see a proxy for God.

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After 500 years, in the face of widespread apostasy within their ranks, Anglicans are beginning to come around to the truth


John 6:68-69 … “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.” … Simon Peter to Jesus Christ, around 33 A.D.

The same has always been true of the ONLY Church that was EVER personally founded, authorized, constituted and eternally guaranteed by Jesus Christ, for the purpose of OUR salvation … the Catholic Church!

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Shocking Revelations From Ecuador – Priests & Bishops Threatened

Abortion Extremists in Ecuador Send Death Threats to Bishop and HLI Director

This is a special and urgent call to arms to you and the people of life around the world:    

We must take action NOW to aid the pro-life resistance movement in Ecuador … and all of Latin America! Click here to send your much-needed support!

On September 28 the people of Ecuador will vote on whether or not to amend its Constitution so as to make abortion a legal right. If it passes it will inevitably lead to a domino effect that will topple the pro-life laws of all the countries in this Catholic continent. That is no exaggeration.
Knowing this, the pro-abortion forces have resorted to sending death-threats to some who most effectively oppose them.
Amparo Medina, the head of HLI’s affiliate in Ecuador, recently received a shoebox with a dead rat and the following warning inside:




“We who make the Citizenship Revolution … WILL NEVER ALLOW infiltrated agents from the extreme right, like yourself, to block our path. Remember that accidents happen, remember that accidental deaths occur daily in our country. DO NOT CONTINUE YOUR ANTI-WOMAN AND HOMOPHOBIC CAMPAIGN … death to traitors, death to those who oppose the nation, DEATH OR REVOLUTION.” (Emphasis was in the original death threat.)

In a related incident, the severed head of a dog with a Eucharistic Host in its mouth was found in a Catholic chapel as a warning to clergy who dare to speak out. This is the direct result of the president of Ecuador calling on his thugs to insult and harass priests who dare to speak out against the upcoming abortion referendum. Profane acts have been committed against six churches … including the trampling of the Sacred Host and the painting of satanic symbols on church walls. It is shocking to learn that such things can happen in a so-called “democratic” country!
But these threats just confirm what we have always known about the promoters of abortion – they are violent and they are deadly!
In spite of all this, Amparo, the bishops, the priests and the other leaders of Ecuador’s pro-life resistance movement remain committed to the fight. In fact, Amparo sent me a copy of the impassioned letter she sent out to her fellow Ecuadorans. It is filled with faith and confidence. She relates all that is happening to her and other resistance leaders, and then closes with these words:




We simply will not be silent. We will continue to speak out, to support our shepherds, our priests, and we will not allow our Mother the Church to be insulted. We are the majority, we cannot be quiet. … CHRISTIANS OF ECUADOR, LET US DEFEND OUR FAITH, LET US NOT BE SILENT, LET US SUPPORT OUR HOLY MOTHER CHURCH AND HER REPRESENTATIVES!! BE NOT AFRAID!!!

The bottom line is this:


The people of Ecuador need our help … and they need it NOW!!!

Pro-life champions like Amparo and Archbishop Antonio Arregui Yarza, President of the Ecuadoran Bishops Conference, are literally risking their lives in order to beat back the abortion demon who threatens not just Ecuador, but all of Latin America. They are crying out to the people of life around the world to come to their aid.
That’s why I’ve sent you this special and urgent Spirit & Life Newsletter.



Please click here to make an emergency contribution that HLI can use to send Amparo the materials and help she needs to lead Ecuador’s pro-life resistance and rally the people to vote “NO” to abortion this September 28!

Your immediate help is required because that all-important referendum is just a few short weeks away.
I have already dispatched Adolfo Castañeda, the Director of Educational Programs for HLI’s Hispanic Division (Vida Humana Internacional), to return to Ecuador after his missionary trip there last November. He is helping Amparo organize the pro-life resistance forces there and he is taking reams of pro-life materials with him … materials that HLI pro-life missionaries in other Latin American countries have used successfully to keep the abortion juggernaut at bay.
We also plan to help cover the cost for Amparo to publish and distribute a compelling book throughout Ecuador. The book is entitled: “TESTIMONIOS DE VIDA” (“Life Testimonies”) and tells the story of the lives of courageous women and men who tell what it meant for them and their families to say “YES” to life despite the many trials and difficulties of everyday life.
All of this is going to cost HLI many thousands of dollars … dollars that were earmarked to fight other battles around the world. But the situation in Ecuador is so dire that I’ve been forced to divert those funds to this all-important fight now raging in Ecuador.





I’m counting on you to click here and rush HLI the largest gift you can so we can help the people of Ecuador … and keep legalized abortion out of Latin America!

The vile actions of the abortion zealots demand that we stand with Amparo and the valiant priests and bishops in Ecuador who are bravely defending the right to life against systematic campaigns and intrusion from foreign influences trying to impose western pro-abortion values on Latin America.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this vital matter. God bless you.



Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

Catholic Day on 60 Minutes – An Interview with Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Scalia On The Record


60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl Interviews The Supreme Court Justice About His Public And Private Life

(CBS) Not many Supreme Court justices become famous, but Antonin Scalia is one of the few. Known as “Nino” to his friends and colleagues, he is one of the most brilliant and combative justices ever to sit on the court and one of the most prominent legal thinkers of his generation.

He first agreed to talk to 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl about a new book he’s written on how lawyers should address the court. But over the course of several conversations, our story grew into a full-fledged profile – his first major television interview – including discussions about abortion and Bush v. Gore.

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Then we have an Andy Rooney commentary on the Papal visit

Catholic Perspective:

Last Sunday (April 27th) Lesley Stahl interviewed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in what turned out to be a candid and wide-ranging look into the life of this little known, but obviously very Catholic man.

While CBS’ editing has been suspect in the past, I had no reason to believe that anything I was seeing had been over-processed, or twisted in any way. 

In fact, about half way through, I couldn’t help but notice the total lack of guile in the man, and the precise way in which he crafted his words. Not bad things for a Supreme Court Justice.

I also couldn’t help noticing that Scalia appeared to be an icon of the ideal Catholic man.

We could use a lot more just like him.

Catholic parents would do well to sit down and carefully watch the interview … first by themselves … and then with the kids.

It doesn’t get much better than this.