Our Lady of Guadalupe: a revelation wrapped in a mystery inside a miracle.


…the Lady who brought faith to Mexico was a revelation wrapped in a mystery inside a miracle. But more commonly, She is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Article by Tom O’Toole


Frequent miracles and many converts are “par” for the course in the Catholic Diocese of Itangar, India.

Unexpected cases of healing are being witnessed in the Diocese of Itangar. Meanwhile, Catholic presence has increased by 40%.

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Outspoken Catholic priest is now radical Islam’s “Public Enemy #1”

Just when it seems there is no hope we have this former Muslim
who was exiled from his homeland in Egypt
because he became a Christian.

While in hiding, he started a clandestine, satellite radio show,
which now reaches over 50,000,000
(yes, FIFTY MILLION) Muslim ears everyday.

As a result, Al Qaida has  placed a $60,000,000
bounty on the head of Fr. Zakaria Boutros.

You have GOT to see the video and send it
to everyone you know and every website you frequent.
We will NEVER see or hear this on any of our airwaves.
We must do it ourselves, through the Net.
Be the disciple you were meant to be!

Watch the extraordinary video

Submitted by Doria2

Revival in Northern Algeria: Muslims turn to Christ

In 2008, Algeria put into full effect a new anti-conversion law that prohibited efforts to convert Muslims to another religion and gave the government the right to regulate every aspect of Christian practice. This law was a direct attack against Christians since almost all Algerian Christians are converts from Islam. The new law could make nearly all Christian churches in the country illegal.

Despite this new law, 2009 has been an incredible year for evangelical church growth, says Pastor Youssef Jacob with Operation Mobilization. “We have churches that have grown 802%. Many converts have come from Islam with no Christian heritage, no Christian background, no resources whatsoever, no training. But they just believe in God and His Word.”

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