Harley Davidson Bikers Receive Blessing from Pope Francis – but biker John Corapi/The Black Sheepdog is a no-show.


WWJR – What Would Jesus Ride?

The roar of over 1,400 motorcycles was heard in St. Peter’s Square as bikers from all over the world came to Rome to receive a blessing from Pope Francis. The bikers are celebrating the 110th anniversary of the famed motorcycle maker’s founding.

Throughout the week, some 35,000 Harley-Davidsons have been riding all over Rome to commemorate the event. During the week, the motorcycle company gave Pope Francis two white Harley Davidson motorcycles as a gift.

Prior to reciting the Angelus, Pope Francis greeted the bikers present in the Square.

“I greet the many participants in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally and the members of the Motorcycle Club of the Italian State Police,” the Pope said.

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Mysterious press release appears to detail more Corapi offenses. No confirmation available.

A press release dated July 5, 2011, alleged to have come from Father Gerard Sheehan, SOLT regional priest servant, details a number of long-term indiscretions on the part of John Corapi that came to light as the result of the recent investigation.

Funny thing is … no one has been able to confirm the existence of said release. There’s nothing about it on the official SOLT website, and at least one high profile Catholic blog has already taken down its post on the matter.

If there’s anything to this, we’ll let you know as soon as it can be properly confirmed. But for now … we wait.

Priest: Corapi’s actions causing scandal

Briefly… in the hope that I might post more thoughtfully on the subject:

  • priests function only by faculty of their respective Ordinaries;
  • we all hope for justice in the Church;
  • sometimes the innocent suffer;
  • this applies to priests;
  • priests are ordained to a special consecration unto Christ the Head
  • Who was the Innocent Victim
  • and if we priests become innocent victims…
  • we must be prepared to embrace the suffering involved
  • and in humble obedience
  • die to ourselves
  • even while pursuing the legitimate recourses to which we have a right in Canon Law
  • no matter how slowly these may proceed
  • or how unjustly we may think we are being treated.
  • So Corapi should do the same.
  • He should die to self rather than refusing to die (as he puts it on his new website) by “resigning” his priesthood and leading people away from their pastors by the scandal that such a public defection is causing in the Church.


John Corapi justifies his actions, explains the “Black Sheepdog” thing.

From the Black Sheepdog site:

Some of you have thought I might have acted too fast and not given the Church enough time to complete their investigation. You could be right, but you also don’t know the facts like I do. The utter disregard for our reasonable requests and certain statements made by the lawyer for the Society of Our Lady confirmed to us that they would not complete the investigation so long as I insisted in exercising my civil and human rights. That is a dead horse. Why beat it? My lawyers would not allow me to continue unless ten questions were answered regarding the nature of the process—simple reasonable questions. They ignored the request for 6 weeks and still ignore it. These weren’t rocket science questions. At a future time we’ll publish the entire letter and the questions.

For about ten years I have been attacked, threatened, and endured extortion attempts. The leadership of the Church never lifted a finger to help me in any way with this. Every time someone gets angry with me or decides they want a payday I have to go through hell with no help from the leadership of the Church. I admit I have grown weary of that. The trauma created by all of the sexual abuse of minors scandals has warped the judgment of some in authority. They are running scared. I believe in my case they panicked. “We don’t know if the dog is rabid, but let’s shoot him in the head just in case.” Well, this black sheep of a sheepdog has been “shot in the head” before and lived to tell about it. I’ll be telling about it for awhile longer.

The name “The Black Sheep Dog” is the title of my autobiography, a title which I came up with about a year and a half ago. That title was, by the way, stolen by a person who worked for me while they were working for me, attempting to secure internet domain names under that title. That is in effect a violation of federal intellectual property laws since I have both registered trademarks and copyright on that title. The title is simply the combination of a black sheep, that would be me; and a sheepdog, that would also be me. The concept of a sheepdog guarding the flock is certainly biblical and also an idea I gleaned from an article from LTC Dave Grossman, which we’ll post for you to read at a future date, or you can read it on the internet where it has been circulating for some time.

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SNAP (the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) trashes Corapi (again)

David Clohessy, who directs the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP, issued a statement which read: “We have spoken with one of Corapi’s victims and find her very credible, and our hearts ache for her and her family because of the pain Corapi and a few of his misguided loyalists have inflicted on her. We have mixed feelings. We are grateful Corapi has quit, because he’ll have less protection and access to vulnerable Catholics outside of the priesthood. But we’re sad because it now seems less likely that those he exploited will ever see justice.”

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Fr. Corapi To Have Surgery Soon

Fr. Corapi To Have Surgery Soon


According to details revealed in last week’s internet teaching segment, Father Corapi has a parathyroid tumor and will be going back to the Mayo Clinic next week, for surgery. 


It’s a very rare tumor (6 men out of a million get it) which is NOT cancerous, about 98% of the time.


The good new is that they ruled out lymphoma, which is what they originally thought he had.  He also said for the past 7 months he was too sick to get out bed 70% of the time; intense exhaustion with flu like symptoms (a result of the excess calcium this type of tumor causes) in addition to osteoporosis.


Surgery is the only cure.


He talked in fairly great detail about his week of tests; including the anxiety for his family, about maybe “checking out”, i.e., having cancer, etc.


His favorite prayer is the Memorare, which is what he asked be prayed for him when he was first admitted to the Mayo Clinic.


Submitted by Nancy W.

Father Corapi’s 100 Best “One-Liners”

johnc.jpg Father Corapi’s 100 Best “One-Liners”

Bob Stanley writes … I met and talked with Fr. Corapi several times. and was probably one of the first to video tape him when he came to St Elizabeth’s in Sacramento, in 1994. He came to my parish twice and I taped him both times. He had these terrible migraines in those days that were so bad, he had to lie down. He talks about that once in awhile on his EWTN program.I was privileged to be a Eucharistic Minister for his Masses in my parish … I wrote down many of Fr. Corapis one liners, and I have the first 100 of them from St. Elizabeth’s, posted here.


Father John Corapi Reported Ill. Requests Prayers.

Father John Corapi Reported Ill. Requests Prayers.

From: John Corapi

Subject: Invitation Fr. Corapi
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 19:19:10 +0000

I am at this moment waiting for a private jet to take me to the Mayo
Clinic. I have been quite ill for over six months and the local
physicians can’t solve the riddle. In addition, for the first time in
20 years I am not traveling at all in 2008.

Please pray that God’s will be done in my current situation.

We shall pray for your parish and diocese, your Bishop and all of
your seminarians.

God bless you,

Fr. John Corapi

Link to Father Corapi’s website. 

Submitted by: Nancy W.