The left-wing seminaries we call universities

A particularly dramatic recent example was a pastor who told me that he has three sons, all of whom have earned doctorates — from Stanford, Oxford, and Fordham. What parent wouldn’t be proud of such achievements by his or her children?

But the tone of his voice suggested more irony than pride. They are all leftists, he added wistfully.

“How do you get along?” I asked.

“We still talk,” he responded.

Needless to say, I was glad to hear that. But as the father of two sons, I readily admit that if they became leftists, while I would, of course, always love them, I would be deeply saddened. Parents, on the left or the right, religious or secular, want to pass on their core values to their children.

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Submitted by Francis V.

What are the differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam’s core values?

Q: What are the differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam’s core values?

A: Judaism and Islam are based on pleasing God by keeping his law … something which has been proved by long experience, to be impossible to do.

Those who spend all their time attempting to do the impossible get frustrated, and often find it difficult to love.

 Christianity is based on that which God accomplished for us, that we were never able to do for ourselves. In another word … grace.

No longer being obsessed with law, Christians can concentrate on the important thing … which is love.

Love is THE core value of Christianity.