Kathleen Sebelius is the most corrupt and arrogant HHS secretary in history.


In reality, of course, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats who infest Congress and the Obama administration constitute the most corrupt gang of grifters ever to have descended on Washington and the hapless American electorate.

The only real question is: Who is the worst?

Many would bestow this dubious honor on Pelosi herself. Others would favor her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid. More than a few would, of course, nominate Eric Holder. And still others would push the suit of President Obama for the “most corrupt” award. All are tough contenders, without a doubt, and each has certainly earned at least a dishonorable mention. Nonetheless, for my money, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius wins the prize.


Despite protests, Cleveland bishop permits pro-Obama “faithful citizenship” meetings to go on.

Cleveland Right to Life has sent a formal letter to Bishop Lennon’s office asking him to suspend the Diocese’s “Faithful Citizenship” meetings until faithful staff can be found to lead them.

“What was a great opportunity for the Diocese to inform its people and galvanize them against policies which directly threaten the Catholic Church has been hijacked by open dissidents working to promote their own agenda, not the truths of the Faith,” explained CRTL board member Jerry Cirino. “Catholics should be outraged at this approach, which treats faithful Catholics as unruly children and leaves attendees with the impression that they can vote for the promotion of intrinsic evils and against the interests of the Church and feel good about it.”

“As a Catholic, I am appalled,” added Molly Smith, President of CRTL. “Our Church is under attack by the most liberal abortion party in history, a party that has demonstrated a clear bias against Christians as well. For the Cleveland Catholic Diocese to respond in this manner, missing a great teaching and unifying opportunity, borders on the unforgivable.”

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Editor’s note: Now let’s all sit back and wait for the official “spin”!

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Republicans and Democrats
December 01st, 2009 | 9:02am

I have tended to vote for Republican candidates, not with any enthusiasm, but because the Democrats have become so toxic. The once “party of the working man” became a collection of race pimps, militant feminists, militant gays, socialists and other assorted freaks. I could not seriously consider voting for Democrats because they had become a carnival side show.

The Republicans under Reagan, were pro life, pro economic opportunity and for a strong national defense [note that a strong national defense and continuous war are not the same thing]. The GOP however, under W Bush became a party that favored corrupt, greedy corporate crooks, constant war, and expansion of Federal Power [No Child Left Behind, expand the “war on drugs”, etc]. W Bush screwed up so very badly, that the toxic Democrats regained both Houses of Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2009.

I wish we had a third party which resembled the platform of Ron Paul, unfortunately, the two major parties have stacked the deck against third parties, so that we are forced to choose between bad and worse. Neither party truly represents us any more. Where do we go from here?

Written by Austin

Sobering video just in time for Independence Day. Watch it … before it’s too late!


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Why doesn’t Jesus heal the blind, deaf and crippled anymore?

Q: Why doesn’t Jesus heal the blind, deaf and crippled anymore?

I mean if you know Jesus personally it shouldn’t be that much of a problem if you asked? You believe he’s alive and is answering your prayers, and he’s the same as in the bible. Shouldn’t be that big a deal right?
A: In the early days of the Church, the power of the Holy Spirit was consolidated in a relatively small number of faithful, who were also completely united in faith and in practice.

Miracles were as common as dirt, back then.

Ever since, the Church has suffered numerous injuries to unity and fidelity, and many of those who govern and lead the Church have become either confused or corrupt.

Hence, while miracles may still be observed, they are no longer routine, and even when they occur, many do not believe.