There hasn’t been a disastrous roll out like Obamacare, since the end of the Second Vatican Council.


A pair of  colossal “train wrecks”!

by Doug Lawrence

Both were liberal political fantasies which aimed to replace perfectly good, workable systems, unequaled in both efficacy and objective truth, with untested, unworkable, pie-in-the-sky, progressive ideologies and practices, no matter the cost or consequences!

The Cost of Abortion in Women’s Lives


Legal, illegal, professional, amateur, and self-induced. Abortion can be deadly, no matter what the setting or who is doing the deed.

The stories below tell about women who died from abortions. The stories come from court documents, medical journal articles, autopsy reports, news stories, and online sources. The dates range from the 19th century to the 21st century. The abortionists were mostly doctors, though a few were lay abortionists, some were posing as physicians, and a few were the woman herself.

The one thing all these stories share is this: Each woman died at the hands of somebody who bought into the idea that women and their unborn children are mortal enemies, and that abortion is a solution to women’s problems.

Women deserve better.

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