Famous actor Jack Nicholson – a pro-life Catholic?

(CNSNews.com) —  Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson, 76, who is retiring from movies it was reported today, is, unlike many liberals in Tinseltown, a staunch pro-lifer who said in a 1984 interview about abortion, “I’m positively against it. I don’t have the right to any other view.”

He added that it was the moral character of his mother and grandmother that ensured he himself had not been aborted.

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Book Review: The Privilege of Being a Woman by Alice von Hildebrand

In the arguments for the privilege of being a woman Dr. von Hildebrand claims that “in order to understand the greatness of a women’s mission, we must open our minds and hearts to the message of the supernatural.” In other words, we must understand the role of Mary’s humility and the Incarnation. With Mary’s humble assent to be the Mother of God, she rose above all. Clearly, this flies in the face of today’s culture and its infatuation with feminism. And while she emphasizes a variety of evidence supporting all of women’s privileges, she is careful to point out that in a woman’s weaknesses there is risk of using her “sensitivity, receptiveness and beauty” to fall into sins of “emotionalism, illusions and self-centeredness.”

Dr. von Hildebrand’s thesis? Women must be wrapped in the humility of the Incarnation to be effectively female. Women cannot be men – no matter how hard they try! The understanding of woman’s place in creation and God’s work is crucial in disproving the credo of feminism. St. Teresa of Avila writes that “more women than men receive extraordinary graces, that they are more receptive to God’s voice and particularly capable of heroic donation when their heart is purified.” Is virginity important? Indeed it is. And maternity raises women above men in their ability to nourish and maintain a soul and body within herself. Our Blessed Mother nourished the body of Christ with great humility and followed him to the cross – her gift given freely.

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The extreme relevancy of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Mother of Mothers

Turning to Mary as a young mom gave me a front-row seat to what it meant to live one’s life for the sake of another: To pour your love into your family and the community around you—yes, to “mother” it. And that was a totally counter-cultural idea, and it grew on me. Or, rather, I grew into it. Having previously thought such nurturing activity would be an unfulfilling and unprofitable step away from all I had worked to achieve, I learned a new and more vital calculus from Jesus through Mary: real love is true when it is given with no guarantee of a return.

Far from being old-fashioned, Mary complements our modern idea of strong womanhood. Mary is, indeed, strong. She conversed with an angel, and submitted her life totally to God. She faced public disgrace and her beloved Joseph’s quandary regarding a possible divorce. Mary gave birth in a place not conducive to comfort. She left her country, living as a refugee in Egypt; she stood by friends in need; she was a young widow. She walked the road to Calvary with her Son and stood beneath his cross. She mentored the Apostles in the ways of the Spirit at Pentecost. She embraced heaven.

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