CORTMAN: Abortion pill mandate, Hobby Lobby and why the Supreme Court should honor faith


Why can’t family business owners — Conestoga Wood Specialties and Hobby Lobby in these cases — have the same freedom from government coercion as other exempt parties? Because the government says they can’t.

Not only is the government arbitrarily selective in how it doles out exemptions, it’s also arbitrary in its argument that business owners can’t exercise religious freedom.

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Who would have “thunk” it? Baptists now publicly proselytizing Catholics, in Chicago.

A group of Baptist have won the right to distribute pamphlets and speak with attendees on public streets around a Catholic Church where the Church annually holds a festival. However they are precluded from using bull horns to convey their views.  Since 2008, plaintiffs have proselytized with their anti-Catholic message at St. Symphorosa Church’s annual Family Fest.  The festival is held on church grounds and the sidewalks surrounding the Church under a permit issued by the city.


Editor’s note: Yeah, but do the Baptists have BINGO?

Judge rules neighbors can proceed with lawsuit against Aurora Planned Parenthood

In 2007 the Thomas More Society, on behalf of neighbors, sued Planned Parenthood of Chicago and the City of Aurora, the former for violating multiple zoning ordinances when building its Aurora abortion mill under false pretenses and the latter for saying “that’s ok” when PP’s subterfuge was discovered.

TMS added a claim that to this day the City of Aurora continues to refuse to apply the correct zoning ordinance to PP, even after the City admitted its attorneys applied the wrong ordinance to PP in September 2008.

Since 2007 PP/Aurora have filed 3 separate motions to dismiss.

Today there was a huge victory for our side….

DuPage Co. Judge Neal Cerne ruled today that TMS’s zoning case can proceed. The judge denied PP’s latest motion to dismiss and upheld the main count of the suit, that PP willfully violated local zoning and building laws during the development and buildling process of the Aurora mill.

Judge Cerne ordered the defendants to answer TMS’s complaint within the next month.

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