Do you believe that Jesus is ‘married’ to Mary Magdalene?


Q: Do you believe that Jesus is ‘married’ to Mary Magdalene?

A: Absolutely not.

Contrary to Dan Brown’s hokey DaVinci Code, the best historical evidence makes St. Mary  Magdalene the wife of Joseph of Arimathea, who was Jesus’ uncle on his mother’s side. That would make Magdalene his aunt … not a potential wife.

Furthermore, Jesus is betrothed to the Church, which is the bride of Christ … not to any specific woman. The betrothal has already been announced, and the wedding is already planned. See the Book of Revelation.

Finally, it is absurd to think that the only begotten son of God would complicate his redemptive mission … a mission that was obviously planned and timed to the split second … by a totally unnecessary and impertinent sexual relationship … with anyone.